Modern hotels are set up to welcome a wide variety of guests, from couples to families, business travellers and groups. This is reflected in hotel booking options, which provide for the differing needs of guests by offering a range of room types.

Single, double, queen, suite? The options available to provide guests with an experience that matches their needs go well beyond this list. The options are endless, and can be used by hoteliers to lure their ideal customers, book more rooms, boost revenue and more effectively manage rooms.

Here we dive into the types of hotel rooms hoteliers might use to sell rooms, covering all of the options and looking at how and why a hotel should set up different room types.

What is a hotel room type?

A hotel room type describes the accommodation on offer at a hotel and helps guests understand exactly what they’re booking when planning a stay at a hotel. The size, number and type of beds, amenities, what you can do in the room (for example, smoking or no smoking) and other factors might be used to categorise rooms into a type.

The type of hotel, the characteristics and layout of the hotel, its location and the guests will help a hotelier determine what combination of hotel room types should be on offer at a particular hotel.

Why should you use different room types at your hotel?

Having more than one type of room at your hotel means you can target specific client segments. Not only will you better meet the needs of each segment, you’ll be selling more rooms as people immediately identify an option that caters to their circumstances.

Different room types can also cater to different price points and the range of options available will give potential guests an idea of the overall standard of your hotel.

Room types can also be a powerful tool that supports your marketing strategy. Wanting to attract honeymooners to your hotel? Offering a “honeymoon suite” sends a message that your hotel is perfectly set up to offer a romantic and special experience for couples who’ve recently tied the knot.