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Is it Safe? How long does it take to heal?

30-second summary:

  • 💲 Cost of Snake eyes piercing: $30 to $90
  • 👅 Are Snake Eye Piercings Safe?: Yes, they are.
  • What material options are available?: Surgical steel, Titanium, 14 karat gold, Niobium, Biocompatible plastic
  • 🪥 How to clean snake eyes tongue piercing?: Antiseptic mouth wash(it shouldn’t be alcohol-based)

Piercing has been used for the time immemorial as a cultural and traditional identity across the world.

But piercing as a fashion fad isn’t that old. 

While normal piercing like ears and nose was fashionable even during the more conservative times, the more brazen and bold kinds started picking up in the late ’60 when people started shunning the societal norms. 

Perfect Snake Eye Piercing of Victoria Moraes
Perfect Snake Eye Piercing of Victoria Moraes

What is snake eye piercing?

The snake eye piercing is done at the tip of the tongue and as you stick your tongue out, the jewelry part of the piercing will

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InnQuest Earns Hotel Tech Report’s level III (GCSC)

We are thrilled to announce that roomMaster, our Leading Hotel Management Software, has achieved Hotel Tech Report’s level III Global Customer Support Certification (GCSC).  

The Hotel Tech Report GCSC certification program analyzes software vendors along critical dimensions of customer support infrastructure in order to help hoteliers minimize risk and maximize positive outcomes when selecting technology partners. In order to become certified, companies must open their internal systems to Hotel Tech Report for assessment along HTR’s rigorous 34-point GCSC Rubric. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our valued clients, for your continuous support and confidence in us, always. We will continue to seek ways to enhance our services and do our part to help your business reach its maximum potential. 

To our team – thank you for your exceptional efforts and dedication. It is because of the combined efforts of you all that we have achieved this

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Key West resort named one of best beachfront hotels in U.S.

The Southernmost Beach Resort in Key West is located on the quieter end of Duval Street.

The Southernmost Beach Resort in Key West is located on the quieter end of Duval Street.

There are more than 95,000 miles of coastline in the United States. So it stands to reason there would be quite a few beachfront hotels.

And one of the best is in Key West, Florida, according to a popular digital travel magazine.

Trips to Discover has named its 15 best beachfront hotels in the country, and the Southernmost Beach Resort in Key West is on the list.

Located on the southern side of Duval Street, the resort, which underwent a $15 million renovation in late 2021, “is an upscale property with enchanting ocean views,” the magazine writes, adding that it “spans six acres in the historic Old Town, facing the Atlantic, complete with three palm-fringed pools with private cabins, a secluded sunbathing pier, and hammocks that are strung between the palm trees. Enjoy sunrise

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A fun, immersive cooking class in Lecce, Puglia

Participating in a cooking course during my travels is something I always love to do. It’s a great way to learn about the local culture and cuisine, and to pick up a new recipe or two. During my visit to Lecce (map), a historic city in southern Puglia, I had the opportunity to join a cooking class at the Awaiting Table, the most established cooking school in Lecce (founded in 2003). The school offers week-long courses, as well as day classes, which I opted for as I was only in Lecce for a few days. I knew I was in for a treat but it turned out to be one of the most fun, educative and immersive things to do in Lecce!

cooking class puglia

The colourful kitchen at the Awaiting Table.

There were four of us at the daytime cooking course that day. We met Silvestro, the founder of

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