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Each spring hundreds of cyclists enjoy one of the most scenic road networks in the country without the worry of being hit by a motorized vehicle.

Grand Teton National Park opens the Teton Park Road and Jenny Lake Loop to cyclists, hikers, roller-bladers and other non-motorized travelers for about a month in the spring.

That’s when park plow drivers clear about 18 miles of the one- and two-lane thoroughfares of snow in anticipation of their opening for motorized travel. Between the plowing and the May 1 opening to cars and trucks, the routes between Cottonwood Creek and Signal Mountain Lodge are the exclusive precinct of human-powered travel and recreation.

Hundreds and hundreds of Jackson Hole residents and visitors take to the asphalt on sunny days during the non-motor interregnum, some pushing strollers, others walking leashed dogs or peddling with various levels of intensity. The routes provide access to the toes of the Tetons, allowing mountaineers to schlep their skis and boots to the slopes for an early morning run.

Once the road opens to cars and trucks, cyclists retreat to paved pathways or a cycle lane that protect riders over about half the distance. Other paved cycle paths in Grand Teton, however, become snow free in the course of the spring allowing worry-free riding along many miles of Teton trails.

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