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In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the second most significant city. Due to significant growth in several industrial areas, it has the largest population in the country. It is a renowned tourist spot for those adventurous travellers from all over the world.

Aside from the Burj Khalifa and other tourist attractions, Dubai is a popular destination for foodies. All foodies will be satisfied by a variety of spicy Arabian cuisine and delectable sweets.

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How can I get to Dubai?

When tourists wish to visit Dubai, they choose to fly in from their home city to Dubai International Airport. Emirates Airlines is one of the UAE’s flag carriers and the country’s major airline, with frequent flights to 157 destinations across the world. In addition, Flydubai, Etihad Airways, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi and Air Arabia operate several flights between this busy airport and several locations across the globe.

If a flight is not available on a specific date, some individuals arrive at Sharjah International Airport and travel to Dubai by vehicle or bus. Regular bus routes connect all of the UAE’s cities to Dubai. Tourists can also drive into Dubai via Oman for a charge. Therefore, you must think to spend your hard-earned money to enjoy the luxury in Dubai. So, choose the best Airline to ensure you fast emirates flight booking now.

Street Food Establishments in Dubai

Various prominent cafes in Dubai provide a variety of scrumptious street dishes. The most popular Arabian foods are Harees, Shish Taouk Sandwich, Shawarma, Samosa, Fareed, Oman Chips Roll, Falafel, Manakish and Madrooba, which may be found in various roadside cafés.

Street Food Establishments in Dubai

The Arabian deserts of Luqaimat and Knafeh delight all sweet-toothed visitors to this metropolis. Karak is an inexpensive Arabian drink that can be found almost anywhere. In Dubai, there are a few distinct locations where a wide range of street food items are sold to satisfy all foodies.

Bur Dubai

This major street in Old Dubai is often filled with individuals looking to buy household things regularly. There are several Indian and Arabian eateries in this region, particularly in the Meena Bazaar area, which is dotted with small shops and cheap roadside food booths. Foodies will find practically every form of street cuisine here, making this location a foodie’s paradise. All of these restaurants are open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., allowing people to eat throughout the day.


This location is home to some of Dubai’s oldest eateries, which serve traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. Some of these restaurants have locations throughout the city. Pars Iranian Kitchen serves authentic Persian foods; Delhi Darbar serves delectable Indian meals primarily from royal North Indian kitchens; Ravi’s serves spicy Pakistani cuisines; Al Mallah serves a variety of delicious Lebanese and Arabic cuisines. All of these eateries are open every day from 10 a.m. to midnight, serving food at very low prices.

Global Village

Every year, from late winter until the beginning of summer, this location is only open for 5 months. This area’s roadside kiosks sell authentic and nutritious Arabian street food. In some of these establishments, Arab women prepare delectable snacks while on the job, allowing curious diners to learn the recipes while watching them prepare them.

Popular Arabian appetisers like Samosa, Shawarma, and Luqaimat are prepared by these Arabian women in these establishments, who occasionally offer free samples to well-behaved clients. There are also food booths built up by several countries where people may sample their traditional dishes. All of these restaurants are open for dinner from 4 p.m. to 11.30 p.m.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai
Downtown Dubai

The area surrounding the Burj Khalifa is constantly bustling with people. Maiz Tacos Food Truck, which sells hot Costilla Tacos, offers a variety of Arabian delights. Zaroob is another local eatery that serves delectable fetter prepared with cheese and eggs.

To accommodate a large number of clients, all of these establishments are open from noon to midnight.
As a result, many foodies return to Dubai to sample the diverse street delicacies offered at the establishments listed above. They prefer spending their winter vacations in this metropolis, sampling the cuisines of various nations. So enjoy the lavish cuisines in Dubai.

photo sources: 1: Photo by Jeffry Surianto, 2: photo from pexels, 3: Photo by Zaib Azhar 📷 from Pexels


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