The world’s leading manufacturer and designer of aquatic equipment, WhiteWater, aims to grow the number of aquatic attractions in Saudi Arabia. Helping to accomplish Vision 2030 goal of establishing more than 600 entertainment attractions in the Kingdom by 2030, WhiteWater hopes to enhance the quality of life in Saudi society.

Many kids are spending more time in isolation, where Saudi Arabian children aged 5-16 spend an average of two hours and 43 minutes on mobile devices. Almost 70 percent of parents concur that their kids spend too much time online. The Kingdom plans to build more water parks involving multi-generational play.

“A waterpark is a perfect place for families to enjoy time together because there is something for every group,” explained Jeremy Gray, Vice President of Business Development at WhiteWater. “These destinations work to erase the lines dividing the generations and bring them together.”

For water fun activities in the Kingdom, there aren’t many choices. WhiteWater is working towards opening five new sites, allowing families to engage with children more constructively.

Some of the features will include:

Wave Pool

A common WhitWater park attraction, enabling grandparents to interact and play with kids. The water’s buoyancy facilitates movement, allowing mellow waves with shallow options.

Lazy River

This will be a relaxing option to spend time with one another and an alternative option to navigating one’s way around the park without having to walk. Designed with ground-level activities, the multi-level aquatic play structure will cater to older and young family members, including exciting features such as jets, spray toys, and tipping buckets.

In creating this shared experience, WhiteWater seeks to boost the quality of Saudi society, bringing traditional fun and play activities back to the public space.

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