Travel Nursing Jobs in Florida | TNAA

Companies of travel nursing jobs in Florida are continuously growing to address the scarcity of nurses due to the pandemic period and even before that. This includes travel RN jobs and crisis nursing jobs in Florida. Best travel nursing agencies in Florida are being ranked based on how they can partner travel nurses with the medical facilities that need travel nurses to bridge the gap of not being able to provide enough nurses to their patients. So if you are a nurse by profession who is seeking an adventure outside your residence this is your chance to make it happen, seek travel agencies near you and get a crisis RN job in  Florida. 

Reasons Why you have to Consider to Become a Travel Nurse in Florida

Higher Pay 

Nurses usually get good pay but travel nurses get paid more, that’s right. Salaries for travel nurses are higher than that of regular nurses. A travel RN in Florida can earn up to $72,200 annually!  Lauderdale nurse jobs and Miami travel nurse jobs appear on the top 2 list that gets the highest salary for travel nurses. Apart from a good salary, other benefits are also given such as:

  • Performance Bonuses

It pays to excel in doing your job if you get bonuses from it. That’s why they are willing to give extra because they believe travel nurses deserve more. 

  • Discounts on Medical Uniforms 

Uniforms are important to know that you belong to a group of medical allies who care for people who need assistance, to pay you back travel nurse agencies have made an arrangement to give you discounts when you purchase uniforms that you need when you work as a travel nurse. 

  • Free Housing 

It’s hard to work away from home, for this reason, they provide housing for travel nurses so they can stay comfortable as they work in an area that is new to them. Homesickness often strikes travel nurses, therefore giving shelter can ease this concern and make them feel at home when they work in Florida. Getting good housing in Florida is easier compared with other States, Furnished condos, apartments, and homes are readily available for travel nurses. You can also choose to stay in an area near your working place if you wish, then you will be provided with a housing stipend. 

  • Insurances 

Life, health, and even retirement insurances are given as privileges for travel nurses in Florida. Nurses are usually more exposed to risk due to the nature of their jobs. Insurances can help them be secured just in case some unexpected things happen. Not only them but also their families. Security is very important when people get old and when they are away from their family. It’s not only about the finances but also the assistance they need once they are not in the capacity to work already. 

Period  of Assignments 

Assignments can last for 12 months but the shortest can be 13 weeks. After each assignment, travel nurses can take a break or be moved to their next destination. Another good thing about travel nurses is that they can extend if needed or upon request. 

Enjoy the Beauty of Florida 

The most rewarding part of being a travel nurse is when you get the chance to explore the place you are assigned to. Florida is known for its beaches where you can experience reef diving and boating to the Bahamas. If you are a nurse and love the sea then Florida crisis RN jobs offered by travel nurse agencies are perfect for you. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to work at a place you can enjoy at the same time?

Getting a Florida crisis nurse job through a travel nurse agency can be your gateway in exploring other States or even the world if you decide to become one. The benefits are good enough for nurses who want to expand their professions and at the same time grow individually. There are a lot of companies that offer travel nursing jobs in Florida, you can get in touch with travel nurse agencies to assist you with your documents and give you assignments. Contact them now and start your journey as a travel nurse!