Atlantic Rally for Cruisers has become a disaster this year as French Sailor Max Delannoy died while he was sailing through the Atlantic Ocean and was struck by the boom. This mishap happened when he was sailing through the Atlantic Ocean with two of his mates near midnight on 27th November. This team was sailing through the Rhumb line of the division where the race was taking place.

ARC or Atlantic Rally for Cruisers has been organized every year since 1986. This competition is also open to racers. Every year at the end of November, the competition starts in Las Palmas De Gran Canaria and the finishing point is at Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia in the Caribbean Islands. This competition is the largest trans-ocean sailing competition in the world. No less than 200 boats take part in it. The participants have to pass through the high waves as well as the strong wind over them. It tests the patience of sailors. This route takes a minimum of 8 days and sometimes 31 days too. If there are trade winds, the conditions for sailors become favorable. This race was first of all organized by Jimmy Cornell and now it is maintained by the World Cruising Club. For sailors, this is the ultimate test.

This race started from Gran Canaria and was to end in Tortola, with sponsor providing a reception in the British Virgin Islands. During this time, Force 8 conditions hit them. As Mr. Delannoy was struck by the boom, his mate Philippe wanted to save him from falling overboard. But he failed in this task and got injured. The MAYDAY call was sent to the authorities and they eventually sent the medical and rescue team for evacuation. The medical team discovered that Mr. Delannoy had died before they could reach the spot.

A German cruise ship was sent to the spot to rescue them but due to the adverse conditions created by Force 8 and 4-5m seas, they became unable to rescue the victims from the cruise. As soon as the mishap happened, the race was abandoned and the authorities are tracking the conditions through the YB tracker on board. Another British crew-carrying a boat named Charlotte Jane III was in trouble and it got disabled due to steering failure. The passengers were also evacuated to another boat.

One of the sailors, Paul Hutley, expressed his concerns as he saw that the steering of the starboard side of his yacht was broken. His team tried to slow down on the water to stabilize the boat. But that was not the end, the next day on 1st December, the port steering went out of control, and Charlotte got damaged. The crew members were compelled to leave the cruise as there was Force 7 level wind and 4m swells.

All the crews were safely removed from the cruise and were transferred to Magic Dragon. The cruise Charlotte was getting tracked by YB tracker and they will be pulled to the harbor as the harsh conditions will be over.

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