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Travel has undoubtedly been one of the most heavily impacted sectors throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. As work lives experience a major shift, the massive role that travel plays in how people function, interact and do business with one another has become increasingly apparent — from global conferences to travel for meetings to corporate retreats. Beyond these types of traditional and large-scale business gatherings, travel serves another important purpose: the opportunity to disconnect, seek inspiration, refresh and find a clear mental headspace in today’s rapidly changing world. Travel allows entrepreneurs to source the creativity that is essential to keeping their businesses moving daily.

Leisure travel will forever be an intrinsic human inclination and plays an irreplaceable role in shaping people’s lives. Whether jetting across the world to experience an entirely new culture or simply exploring the town over from you, travel is an escape from the daily routine. Regardless of how vast your travels might extend, travel allows you to unwind while opening your eyes to novel realities that give the way you live and work new meaning.

As we mark month eight of lockdowns and travel restrictions worldwide, we look to brighter days of travel ahead and try to imagine how travel will change. However it might be experienced in the coming months, below are the ways in which you can harness leisure travel to benefit yourself and, ultimately, your business in a time when it’s needed perhaps more than ever before.

Solo Travel

Taking solo trips can prove an incredibly enlightening experience that can bring new life to your business. Getting to disconnect entirely and unplug offers you the opportunity to connect with others as you travel without thinking of business, truly learning from their experiences as well as gathering moments of inspiration for future innovation. Breaking away from the routine you have found over lockdown is a helpful way to harness your creativity and birth new ideas.

Inspiration Trips

If you work in a design or creative field of any type, travel is one of the most important and effective ways that you can create a new vision and seek inspiration. In the field of design, past leisure travel has been the kindling of countless inspired business decisions and ideas. The materials, textiles, fragrances, feels and overall way of life that can be found in distant places can rouse the creator in you, no matter what your field may be, and can come to influence your business in important ways when you return.

Small-Group And Family Travel

Although it may still be a matter of months until everyone can travel internationally, many hotels domestically and around the world have been spending the past few months ideating innovative ways to safely travel in groups. Connecting with your personal pod and small network is a great way to reconnect and refresh after months of lockdown — ensuring you return to your business with renewed motivation.

Travel broadens the mind. It brings to light differences in people, places and mindsets. Months of life at home has withdrawn folks from their communities and the greater group of humanity. Now, more than ever, people are seeking connection and an escape from the inevitable monotony of days on end staring at a computer or phone screen with no end in sight.

No matter how you choose to travel in the coming months, always make sure first and foremost that your safety is a top priority. As the world navigates the future of travel, one thing is certain: Wanderlust will persevere, and it is one of the most important investments you can make for your personal and professional growth to follow it.

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