Located in the heart of Provence, the Grand Hôtel de la Poste is a prestigious hotel with old charm and a past steeped in history. And since the property partnered with SiteMinder and Thaïs to increase bookings, its success is now assured for the long term.

A former post house from the 19th century, the Grand Hôtel de la Poste is extremely proud of its heritage. But this past also comes with a certain organisational complexity.

When the current team took over the hotel in 2019, there was an urgent need to modernise its systems using current technologies, while establishing suitable online hotel sales channels.

“This has allowed us to optimise and develop our sales by facilitating daily tasks so that we can devote ourselves to customer relations.”

— Angélique Fagot, director of the Grand Hotel de la Poste

As an innovative hotel commerce platform, SiteMinder’s reputation is second to none. And when Angélique Fagot, director of the hotel, discovered the platform at the FHT fair in Nice, she immediately understood the interest of associating the SiteMinder channel manager with the hotel management system (PMS) and the booking engine of Thaïs.

Within days, SiteMinder was up and running and the hotel never looked back. The days of noting down reservations in a notebook were well and truly over. By implementing a system worthy of the 21st century, the team no longer even needs to enter reservations from online travel agencies (OTAs) in its PMS, with the rates being transmitted automatically between SiteMinder and Thaïs.

Now the hotel can optimise its sales by simplifying its daily administrative tasks and improving its sales processes. The result: the establishment now has more time to devote to its customer relationship.

As Angélique confirms, SiteMinder’s channel manager has directly contributed to increasing hotel bookings and profitability. Its direct bookings doubled in the first year, even as the pandemic weighed heavily on tourism. In the second year, as more and more travellers wanted to avoid OTA commissions, the number of direct bookings tripled.

The figures for this year are not yet known, but one thing is certain. The growth of the Grand Hôtel de la Poste has truly launched, as it diversifies its clientele and becomes a reference in terms of accommodation in Provence.

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