How Can Hoteliers Be Prepared?

BySteven I. Green

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“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

– Ibn Battuta

Unlike the last two years, travel trends are predicted to be hefty in 2022.  With governments lifting their regulations and organizations still opting to work from home, it is a win-win for hoteliers.

According to’s travel predictions, 69% of Indian travelers claim that they didn’t realize the importance of travel on their health until the pandemic.

However, to make the most out of this bustling season, hoteliers must be prepared beforehand. 

We have penned down a blog to reveal the travel predictions for 2022 and how hotel owners and managers can be prepared to embrace these trends.

But before we jump to that, here’s something you might want to know…

Summer 2022 Could Be the Busiest Travel Season Ever

According to the Expedia Group’s predictions for summer travel, 2022 will be the busiest season ever!

Wondering why? 

If come to think about it, this might hold true – from the quarantine season to traveling for relaxation, there’s more than one reason to believe this forecast.

It is also believed that the comeback of travelers will be a combination of both prices and volumes.  Meaning, tourists will be willing to pay whatever it takes to get away to their preferred destination.

But does this mean, being an accommodation provider, you can charge mind-boggling prices and take advantage of your guests?

Of course not!

All you can do is adopt effective strategies to get maximum bookings and make amendments at your property to cater to these travel predictions for the year 2022.

Top Travel Predictions for 2022

From solo trips to community travel, no matter the destination is domestic or international, travel predictions play a pivotal role in helping hoteliers strategize and keep up with the ever-rising competition.

Here are some of the trends you need to watch out for: 

1. Workation trends

With work from home taking a toll on mental health and productivity, office goers are already working from all over the world and organizations are encouraging the same.

Today there are multiple businesses that are promoting the culture of work from anywhere.

Given the holiday season kicking in, employees are definitely going to make the most out of this trend. 

Being a hotelier, you must be prepared to cater to their needs. From free Wi-Fi to peaceful work-friendly living places, you must ensure that your guests get the right surroundings to work.

Along with these, you can introduce flexible housekeeping routines, free transportation, in-room meals, and more, to give your guests a stay they won’t regret investing in.

Here’s more for you to dig in: 

Make the Most Out of the Workation Trend

2. Staycation

Staycations have gained huge momentum lately. 

The idea of having a relaxed and comfortable stay without the pressure of ticking off the sight-seeing spots or activities is something that guests are breathlessly awaiting for, and this is where staycations come in!

One reason, people are now looking for options that are not too far from their homes yet offer an amazing stay; without burning a hole in their pocket.

You can promote your property on OTAs and other relevant channels by emphasizing your location, accessibility, amenities, activities, and services you provide.

Moreover, you can add the precautionary measures that you have been taking to ensure your guests are safe during their stay. You can consider including touch-free services, regular sanitization, contactless guest operations, and other similar services.

3. Embracing the unknown

To escape from the monotony of life, bold adventures are something travelers will be looking forward to. This year’s favorite destinations can include less-explored places to popular locations with extreme sports like paragliding, skiing, bungee jumping, etc.

To make your property the first choice among tourists, the first thing you can do is introduce adventurous sports or activities based on your demographic location. 

For example, if you have an open green meadow you can promote horse riding or polo, or any other similar sport. If located near a beach you can make use of the private beach you have and upsell water sports to your guests.

Wondering what to do if you have no such amenity to offer?

Simple, make use of what you have. If your property is located in a serene place, use solidarity as your key factor to attract guests. There are numerous ideas you can think of.

4. Long weekends

With several festivals falling on weekdays, long weekends are something guests are looking forward to this year. From Diwali to Thanksgiving, the calendar looks travelicious!

And what does this mean to you as a hotelier?

To make use of these predictions, you can curate exclusive packages for guests traveling during these long weekends, utilizing the holiday travel season. Additionally, to ensure they choose your property you can create personalized marketing strategies that include offers, discounts on activities, coupons at gift shops, and more. 

Along with these, you can invest in intelligent pricing strategies that will gain you more revenue. We have a detailed blog that will help you set the right pricing strategy for your business.

Community connection is going to be a sure hit this year. Travelers are looking forward to meeting new people where they can bond and create everlasting memories.

There are several homestays that host Vipassana, camps that attract hundreds of yoga and meditation enthusiasts or people who practice mindfulness to their properties.

Similarly, you can host biking trips and invite bikers from all over the world to take part in the event. Or create a trekking itinerary and use the event to attract adventure lovers to your property.

Music events, yoga camps, summer schools, Zumba, pottery classes- there are several options to choose from!

This will not only be a direct boost to your revenue but will also promote your property among travelers and enthusiasts. 

6. Bleisure holidays

The thin line between work and life is gradually blurring and so is the difference between business and personal travel. 

The travel industry has witnessed a plethora of changes in the last few years, bleisure travel being one of them. Bleisure holiday is a combination of two words – business & leisure. 

Bleisure holidays typically involve corporate travelers who extend their business trips to relax for a few more days. This works two ways – higher business for properties and on the other hand creates a better work-life balance for the tourists.

To make the most out of these trips and accommodate bleisure tourists at your property there are a few small amenities you might want to have like meeting rooms, workspaces, smart speakers, high-speed internet,  etc.  

Along with these, you can promote leisure activities like a spa, sauna, bar, gym, specific add-ons like complimentary breakfasts, and other similar offers at your property.

7. Travel for self-care

According to a report, about 85% of Indian travelers believe that traveling helps their mental and physical health more than any other mode of relaxation.

Vitamin Vacay is a trending term today, meaning – vacation has become an integral component of one’s wellbeing.

After years-long travel restrictions, explorers today are acknowledging the importance of travel on their mental and physical health. This has directly urged guests to travel for the upcoming holiday season. 

Tourists today are looking for stays that offer a cozy atmosphere, relaxing activities like spas, herbal therapies, massages, and more. 

Investing in a massage parlor or a swimming pool can work wonders in dragging these guests to your property. 

If you are looking for more ideas to make your property incorporate the wellness travel trends of 2022, we have a complete blog for you:

Health and Wellness Travel Trends 2022

8. Pet-friendly trips

Pets are an integral part of people’s lives for ages and today most tourists can’t even think of leaving their pets behind while traveling. Pet parents do not care about spending the extra bucks given their four-legged buddies are welcomed wherever they go.

Apart from the business perspective, hoteliers can build a solid brand image for their property by turning pet-friendly. This can be done easily by maintaining a proper set of rules and regulations and prices.

To know more about how you can turn your property pet-friendly, here’s a blog that covers all the nitty-gritty parts of it.  

Health and Wellness Travel Trends 2022


Being closely connected with the hospitality industry for some time now, I can positively say that travel trends post-covid is going to be a biggie. And with the holiday season kicking in close you must do everything possible to welcome maximum guests. 

Though it might sound overwhelming but trust me with the above-stated tips you are good to go. To make them work best for you, all you need to do is tweak them accordingly. However, if you think there are a few trends you have in mind that can be included in this blog do let me know, I‘ll be happy to add them up.

Till then, Happy Hoteliering!

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