What Muay Thai Vacation Includes

People throughout the world are making a visit to Muay Thai gyms and investing their money to improve their fitness levels. Muay Thai is an ancient martial art practiced in Thailand for centuries. Thailand is one of the best countries in the world for exploding fitness-inspired Muay Thai tours. Our article contains complete guidelines to help you fix your Muay Thai vacation in Thailand during the weekend. 

Muay Thai Vacation  

Like an all-inclusive resort, a Muay Thai holiday includes meals and your accommodation, along with the training fees and classes. You will get countless options of training camps in Thailand.  

Tips for finding the right Camp for you 

One of the most important things is to contact the camp and ask them all the necessary questions. But you should never forget to review that camp. Some camps focus more on parties and less on training, so do your research thoroughly. Some camps are located near Phuket, and they are more focused on fitness, so you should contact them. Many training camps are located in Phuket, and you will also enjoy your stay on this island surrounded by a beach. 

Training at an Affordable Luxury Hotel  

Gyms of luxury hotels also offer Muay Thai training, so if camp training sounds hard-core for you, then you can opt for an affordable luxury hotel. A large number of hotels are offering Muay Thai training at an affordable budget. The average fee for this fitness holiday is $540. Moreover, the food and accommodation that you get in these hotels are amazing. The natural food such as fruits and vegetables offered in these hotels helps you in weight loss. 

Watch the Pros 

Rajadamnern Stadium is a place in Bangkok where you can see the experts practicing Muay Thai. There you will be a foreigner looking at Thai boxers practicing it effortlessly.  One of the oldest stadiums known for boxing in Thailand is Rajadamnern Stadium. It was established in 1945. The boxers start the fight by performing a special dance called wai kru. They wear a headdress called mongkon during the fight. Wai Kru is a symbolic dance, and it represents a request for safety from Buddha and their masters. Live music is played during the fight, and it progressively becomes faster as the fight progresses. The music is trans-like, and the crowd makes a lot of noise to cheer their favorite boxers.  

You should join the Festivities 

In spring, you can visit Ayutthaya to join Wai Kru Muay Thai Festival. It is a historical festival, and it is held in Ayutthaya, located 80km away from Bangkok. This is a day-long festival, and International boxers participate in fighting competitions this festival. During the competition, you can advertise training courses and boxing equipment and exhibit old weapons.  


All the necessary details related to Muay Thai holidays in Thailand are provided in this article. You must take Muay Thai training because it helps you in maintaining your fitness level. Together with your fitness journey, you will enjoy your stay on the beautiful island in Thailand. Muay Thai tournament is a good Muay Thai show in Muay Thai stadium in Thailand.