TOP 10 LIST: Best Affordable Tactical Flashlight in 2022

BySteven I. Green

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TOP 10 LIST: Best Affordable Tactical Flashlight in 2022


Tactical flashlights don’t have to be expensive! In fact, there are many affordable tactical flashlights available on the market. If you need a flashlight that is heavy-duty, durable, and able to be used in all conditions, you can find one for an affordable price in our list below. We did the research, so take a look and see which one is right for you.

What is the Best Affordable Tactical Flashlight?

We could say that we traveled the world to find for you the Best Affordable Tactical Flashlight and it’s partially true – we’ve been on the road since 2011 after all.

More importantly, we have done a very thorough research online and have gone through most of the available affordable flashlights for tactical use that you can buy today. We read the comments left by people who bought and used these affordable tactical flashlights.

We also wrote a brief affordable tactical flashlights Buying Guide and FAQ sections to address most questions you may have.

Without further ado, here’s the list of top 10 affordable flashlights for tactical use based on their pricing, specs and ratings by real users.

1. GearLight S1000 LED Flashlight

TOP 10 LIST: Best Affordable Tactical Flashlight in 2022
Price: 💲💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.3 Pounds (0.1 kg)
Size: 6.1 x 1.6 x 1.6 Inches (15.5 x 4 x 4 cm)
Batteries: 3x AAA
Brightness (Lumens): 800
Type: LED

This classical design of Ben & Howell’s TacLight reached Chinese OEM factories. Now, you’ll find it under different brand names while browsing online listings. It’s not bad news!

S1000 is an indestructible pack of value with two military-grade flashlights and accessories! It integrates sought-after features, such as multi-mode and zoomable settings. And it goes the extra mile by providing cases of battery holders too!

Gearlight’s tendency to drag older LED technology is problematic. As a result, the torch’s brightness lingers below 1000 lumens despite its potential. Overall, it makes an amazing purchase. And the polite staff is quick to resolve issues if there are any.


  • Classic all-weather design,
  • Order one and unpack two,
  • Anti-roll bezel,
  • Proactive customer service


  • Older LED chips,
  • Quality control issues

2. POLICE Stun Gun Flashlight

POLICE Stun Gun Flashlight
Price: 💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.8 Pounds (0.4 kg)
Size: 8.5 x 2.8 x 2.3 Inches (21.6 x 7 x 5.8 cm)
Batteries: Rechargeable
Brightness (Lumens): 450
Type: Tactical

Tucked within this seemingly harmless flashlight is a secret weapon. Pepper spray is outdated; let’s give attackers electrical therapy.

The unbreakable aluminum case hosts a bright bulb, rechargeable battery, and deadly prongs. The scalloped head is also crucial in hostage situations. It’s larger than most tactical flashlights but has a lanyard and nylon belt-holster. Carrying this is a breeze.

The torch lacks edgy features like several modes, different colors, water resistance, etc. Engineered to meet the demands of security personnel, civilians can also buy if not outlawed. Remember, it’s a close-range device. So you have to be near the target. Keep it out of children’s reach.


  • Torch-Taser combo,
  • Durable material,
  • Holster with belt loop,
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Limited functionality of flashlight,
  • Larger size

3. LETMY S500 Pocket Pen Light

LETMY S500 Pocket Pen Light
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.1 Pounds (0 kg)
Size: 5.6 x 0.9 x 0.8 Inches (14.1 x 2.2 x 2.1 cm)
Batteries: 2x AAA
Brightness (Lumens): 180
Type: Penlight
Tail Diameter: 0.6
Head Diameter: 0.6

This flashlight stands among the brightest penlights available at the lowest price. It looks like an exotic ballpoint pen – a metal clip and thrust device following an LED tip with a firm barrel. S500 is made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel components. It has passed a 5-feet drop test. Meanwhile, bumps and nudges won’t hurt the performance, nor will a light rain!

The maximum output is 180 lumens, adjustable to low and strobe. Many competitors have similar specs with a five-time pricier tag proudly dangling in the air. The user manual is silent about the right directions of battery terminals that you’ll buy separately.


  • Maximum value of money,
  • IPX6 waterproof rating,
  • Aluminum plus steel,
  • Three modes


  • Minimal instructions,
  • Batteries are not included

4. LETMY S2000 Pro Tactical Flashlights

LETMY S2000 Pro Tactical Flashlights
Price: 💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.9 Pounds (0.4 kg)
Size: 7 x 3 x 1.9 Inches (17.7 x 7.7 x 4.9 cm)
Batteries: 3x AAA
Brightness (Lumens): 2000
Type: LED

It’s a solid flashlight. Only the looks of its compact, curved frame spread premium vibes.

You enjoy five lighting modes, ranging from intense to strobe and SOS. The switch cycles through all of them and enables a rapid on/off with full press.

At this price, ordering it looks like robbing LETMY. To your surprise, the box would open up to have two flashlights. Battery holders and sleeves are given. But here’s a thing: batteries themselves are on vacation.

You’ll have to buy three AAA cells or a rechargeable 18650 battery to power it up. This decision might cost as much as flashlights while affecting the performance too.


  • Multipurpose flashlight,
  • Buy one – Get one free,
  • Detachable pocket clip,
  • Resilient to water and heat


  • Batteries not included,
  • Doubtful brightness claim

5. ThuZW 2 Pack Tactical Flashlight Torch

ThuZW 2 Pack Tactical Flashlight Torch
Price: 💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.4 Pounds (0.2 kg)
Size: 5.9 x 4 x 1.5 Inches (14.9 x 10.2 x 3.9 cm)
Batteries: 3x AAA
Brightness (Lumens): 1000
Type: LED
Tail Diameter: 1.02
Head Diameter: 1.33

It brings two flashlights for the price of one, along with their respective holsters, battery holders, and lanyards. One can’t ask for anything more except batteries, of course! However, you can choose to power it using standard AAA cells or a rechargeable 18650 battery.

It’s not short of trending features – three-mode brightness, strobe, SOS reflector, and zoomable function are a few to name. The aluminum crust is 5-6 inches long, depending upon the beam’s selected focus.

Watch out! The torch is not 3000 lumens as advertised. It doesn’t break the boundary of 1000, not even at the brightest setting though sufficient for most tasks.


  • Full range of lighting modes,
  • Focus adjustable,
  • Portable hand strap,
  • Compatible with rechargeable battery


  • Misleading advertisement,
  • Batteries are not included

6. YiFENG Ultra Bright LED Flashlight

YiFENG Ultra Bright LED Flashlight
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.4 Pounds (0.2 kg)
Size: 6.1 x 2.5 x 1.4 Inches (15.5 x 6.4 x 3.6 cm)
Batteries: 3x AA
Brightness (Lumens): 1000
Type: LED

YiFeng offers heavy-duty flashlights to compete with top-selling models at a fraction of their cost. Welcome to its half-good, half-bad tail switch. A full-press enables a quick turn-off without making you smile down all modes. But its cover tends to leave its place more often. Save the hassle of five continuous tapes – But stay ready to unstuck the piece of rubber anytime, anywhere. Otherwise, you get the zoomable beam and multi-stage brightness in this valuable treat. It’d shine at about 1000 lumens with a 180m throw if you go for Eneloops. AAA batteries are known to be dimmer. Interestingly enough, they also die quicker on this set.


  • Spot plus flood,
  • Instant on/off button,
  • Anti-roll head,
  • Allow rechargeable battery


  • Mischievous switch,
  • Batteries not included

7. LUMENSHOOTER Multi-Color Tactical Flashlight

LUMENSHOOTER Multi-Color Tactical Flashlight
Price: 💲💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.3 Pounds (0.1 kg)
Size: 6.2 x 1.4 x 1.4 Inches (15.8 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm)
Batteries: 3x AAA
Brightness (Lumens): 200
Type: EDC
Head Diameter: 3.93

This multicolor flashlight radiates RGBW torch – short for red, green, blue, and white. All colors are equally stable and strong. It doesn’t have variable brightness since the switch cycles through different colors. But you get to control the focus of the beam.

It works excellent for lightroom photography, astronomy, children’s campout, college projects, and an array of nocturnal activities.

We’d recommend plugging in a rechargeable battery for better illumination. However, AAA cells would suffice for routine tasks like playing laser chase or embarking on a walk with your dog. It’s not a military-standard flashlight but a decent product for its price


  • Four colors in one torch,
  • Multiple applications,
  • Zoomable lens,
  • Admits rechargeable battery


  • Not so luminous with AAA,
  • Constant brightness

8. NICRON N7 90-degree Tactical Flashlight

NICRON N7 90-degree Tactical Flashlight
Price: 💲💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.1 Pounds (0.1 kg)
Size: 4.4 x 0.8 x 0.8 Inches (11.2 x 2 x 2 cm)
Batteries: 1x AA
Brightness (Lumens): 600
Type: Magnetic

Sometimes, you need both hands without having to hold a wobbly torch in a drooling mouth. In such times of dexterity, you can affix magnetic flashlights to the chassis or fuse box.

The N7 has a 90-degree rotatable head for positioning of the beam’s focus at any desired angle. The standard AA battery emits 200 lumens. But a 14500 rechargeable can turn it into a workhorse by maximizing the output three times over.

You can clip it to your pocket or purse for worry-free trekking, fishing, and dog walking whether it rains or snows. The tough construction is up to sustain any accidental drops.


  • Rotatable head,
  • Four mode switching,
  • Super strong magnet,
  • Waterproof and fall-proof


  • Batteries are not included,
  • Low brightness at AA battery

9. Streamlight MicroStream Personal Flashlight

Streamlight MicroStream Personal Flashlight
Price: 💲💲💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.1 Pounds (0 kg)
Size: 3.5 x 0.6 x 0.6 Inches (9 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm)
Batteries: 1x AAA
Brightness (Lumens): 45
Type: EDC

Streamlight – the uncrowned king of mini flashlights – returns with yet another electrifying product. MicroStream is built to slip in a pocket, last a lifetime, and illuminate any confined area.

The aluminum used in building this compact flashlight is military standard.

It has two variants: classic 45 lumens and the latest 35 ones. It doesn’t sacrifice brightness as much as it lowers energy consumption. Powered with a single AAA battery, its smooth and white beam can pierce darkness up to 40m for 135 minutes straight.

A tactical side clip enhances portability, even more so by holding a high-strength lanyard.


  • MIL-SPEC material,
  • Gleaming white light,
  • Ultra-compact design,
  • A safety lanyard is provided


  • Stiff rear switch,
  • Single-mode only

10. MOLAER Rechargeable Magnetic Flashlight

MOLAER Rechargeable Magnetic Flashlight
Price: 💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 0.3 Pounds (0.2 kg)
Size: 5 x 1.3 x 1.3 Inches (12.7 x 3.4 x 3.4 cm)
Batteries: Rechargeable
Brightness (Lumens): 1000
Type: Magnetic

MOLAER set headlines for its flagship flashlight with a magnetic base some time ago. Its aluminum body can endure a five-foot drop and occasional wear-and-tear.

The upgraded lamp bead maximizes brightness to 1000 lumens at the high setting. You’re free to light it up at medium, low, or strobe as well. Each mode has to be sequentially flicked on to turn off the torch which is not quite tactical. The average runtime is incredibly six hours. A green flash reminds you to recharge it punctually. And micro-USB is up to rejuvenate its 18650 battery in a snap.


  • High-quality lens,
  • Ease of operation,
  • Grip-enhancing handle,
  • Fast-charging, long-lasting battery


  • Focus is non-adjustable,
  • No memory


TLDR: Quick summary of our findings as to what can be considered the best affordable tactical flashlight is below:

Overall best affordable tactical flashlight out there: GearLight S1000 LED Flashlight

Premium Pick if money is not much of an issue: POLICE Stun Gun Flashlight

Budget Choice – there’s no shame in spending prudently: LETMY S500 Pocket Pen Light

Our other reviews you may find useful in your research:

What You Should Know Before Buying Affordable Tactical Flashlights


Best flashlights are those that provide consistent high performance for a long period without succumbing to wear and tear. When it comes to durability anodized aluminum and titanium-made flashlights score the highest. Aluminum is the lighter and more portable option – anodized aluminum is also highly resistant against corrosions. Titanium is heavier than aluminum but provides higher durability, making it perfect to be used in a rugged or outdoor setting. A flashlight also has to be water-resistant to be durable, so make sure to purchase one with a high IP rating.

Battery Type

The best battery type for your flashlights depends entirely upon your use. Whether you want it to be rechargeable, or disposable. Do you need to use them right away or after a while? The size and the weather in which the flashlight will be used also matters. The most common rechargeable batteries are alkaline batteries. Found in AAA, AA, C, and D types, their nominal voltage is 1.5V and they have a self-discharge rate of approx. 2-3% per year, making them an excellent and easily available choice if you want a disposable battery for an emergency flashlight that is stored most of the time. If you want better performance in rechargeable batteries, go for lithium batteries. With a nominal voltage of 3V per cell and extreme weather endurance, they are perfect if you are looking for a disposable battery with a lower discharge rate than alkaline batteries. The only con is that they are more expensive than alkaline batteries.

If you want rechargeable batteries, as they are far more cost-effective in the long run, there are two options available – Lithium Ion and NiMH batteries. NiMH can be found in standard alkaline battery sizes but Li-Ion batteries come in their own standard sizes like 18650. NiMH batteries last longer than standard alkaline batteries despite having lower (1.25V) voltage owing to their lower discharge rate.

With a nominal voltage of 3.7V per cell Li-Ion batteries beat every other battery in terms of energy density, although its prices are reflective of that. Read the instruction manual of your flashlight to pick the best battery option for yourself. Also, consider your requirements and the use of your flashlight (emergency use, everyday use, etc.).

Lumens And Light Output

Lumen is a measure of the flashlight light output – so the ideal lumen number will depend on your situation. Usually, a flashlight with 300 to 1000 lumens is considered versatile enough for everyday use and frequent nightly tasks. But the number can go up for certain tasks that require more light output.

For reading or random everyday tasks, you will find a 300 lumens flashlight to be useful enough. For camping or similar outdoor activities like nightly walks or running, a 300 to 900-lumen flashlight will work well. If you’re hunter or military personnel, you may need to spot your prey or a threat from a considerable distance – for such situations, pick a flashlight with a light output of 1250-2500 lumens.

Flashlights with a higher light output than 2500 lumens are usually used in search and rescue operations as such operations require a much-focused illumination.

Emergency Features

The most important emergency feature in a flashlight is its versatility. A flashlight that can be charged in various ways is the best since you cannot predict the nature of the emergency. Try to invest in a rechargeable flashlight that also serves as a crank flashlight so it does not go off when the power runs out. Also check for features like strobe mode (for signaling), a higher IP rating (for waterproofing), and a rugged material (anodized aluminum or titanium). There are many flashlights available in the market with built-in radio and a siren. Cover the flashlight with a neon band to spot it quickly in the dark.

Run Time

The run time of a flashlight primarily depends upon its batteries. Li-Ion batteries have the highest energy capacity and they are also rechargeable. While alkaline and lithium are long-lasting disposable batteries. Other factors that affect the run time of a flashlight are its power draw i.e., its brightness setting, light output, and the number of batteries. A flashlight will last longer on a lower brightness setting than on a higher one. Flashlights with the lowest lumens will last the longest. Also, the higher the number of batteries the longer the run time of a flashlight. Choose the variables that best suit your situation.

Questions and Answers About Affordable Tactical Flashlights

What is a tactical LED flashlight?

Tactical flashlights are specifically designed according to the demanding specifications for law enforcement, military, and other security and tactical uses. Thus, they are generally durable, reliable, lightweight, and bright. In addition, to allow such personnel to have easy access to the flashlights, most will feature tail switches, belt clips, crenelated strike bezels (teeth-like edge around the lens designed to break glass), weapon-mounting capabilities, and more.

Are tactical flashlights waterproof?

Yes, most if not all tactical flashlights are waterproof. Tactical flashlights as the name suggests, are used mostly for tactical or enforcement purposes. This means that they will have to be designed to cope and deal with most of what the external environment deals with, including water.

What tactical flashlight does the military use?

It is not logical to assume that the entire military will be using the same tactical flashlight for various purposes. It also does not make sense for the entire military to stick to a single brand throughout the decades. Some search and rescue units might require flashlights with higher lumens which will only serve to give the position of stealth teams away. Medical units may carry more than one type of flashlight while teams operating at night might require a flashlight with red lighting to preserve night vision.

How many lumens should a tactical flashlight have?

It depends on what purpose you’re using the flashlight for. A tactical flashlight is a category of flashlight that in itself holds a wide spectrum of flashlights with widely different features. To generalize, 300-1000 lumens should be enough in most circumstances. In most cases, the lumens aren’t even the most important thing you should be looking out for.

What makes a flashlight tactical?

There are a few main factors that make a flashlight tactical. They are usually smaller and more lightweight than the average flashlights. Made with weapon-grade aluminum, it is designed for maximum durability and can double up as a weapon on its own as well. In terms of functionality, they will usually be of higher lumen; have the ability to navigate the settings to change the light intensity or even the type of lighting, and have a more user-friendly and easily accessible design.


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