The top cheap places to travel in spring 2021

Oh, yes, it’s time for the travel itch to be unleashed after holing up for more than a year during the pandemic.

If you’re looking for a sun-soaked paradise or are in pursuit of refreshing fun in the snow, there’s always a destination that you might work on your budget. Travel websites Kayak and Travel+Leisure have unveiled their list of destinations and deals f0r 2021.

Nearly half—48 percent—of Americans stated that “taking a trip” was one of the top 3 activities they’re looking forward to in 2021, once the vaccine is accessible to all and normalcy has returned, according to Kayak.

“The good news is, prices on flights around the U.S. are 17 percent cheaper now than they were a year ago,” Kayak stated in a press release.

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Right now, the following are destinations currently open to Americans due to COVID-19 restrictions. The cost for these trips have been averaged by overall prices for one-way and round-trip flights in comparison to those in 2020.

Miami, Florida

Travelers are recommended to try Miami for a February jaunt. According to Travel+Leisure, prices in Miami are dropping 54 percent lower in February, from $276 to $132 in 2021.  If you need a fix of sunshine on South Beach, February is an ideal time. Venture over to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens or Wynnwood Walls for amazing street murals and a cultural feast for the eyes.

Cozumel, Mexico

Want to explore some island time on the white-sand beaches and turquoise waters of Cozumel? If you head here in March, you’ll be pleasantly surprised about the sticker price for the airfare. The cost for a trip is $388 instead of the average rate of $573. According to Trip Advisor, you have several attractions to see including Cozumel Pearl Farm, San Gervasio Mayan Arachaeological Site and Discover Mexico Park Cozumel.

Cancun, Mexico

Travelers seeking this idyllic beach destination, Cancun, in  July can get average airfare for $363 in 2021, according to Kayak.

Travelers seeking this idyllic beach destination, Cancun, in  July can get average airfare for $363 in 2021, according to Kayak.

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Good news for travelers: Cancun is a refreshing travel bet for top getaway months, including April, July, November and December. If you head to Cancun in April, you can snap up airfare for around $328, rather than $509, the average for last year. Travelers seeking this idyllic beach destination in July can get average airfare of $363 in 2021, a 24 percent price drop from 2020, according to Kayak. Visitors will have plenty of white-sand beaches to explore as well as the historic Mayan site Chichen Itza, according to Trip Advisor.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Longing for a little taste of the Wild Wild West? Nestled in the Teton Mountain Range in Wyoming, Jackson Hole gives you the vibe of an authentic Old West town. It’s also home to a vast array of wildlife from mountain lions to marmots.  According to Kayak, Jackson Hole is perfect spot to explore in May.  Visitors can snap up airfare around $368 in 2021, instead of the average price of $532 from spring 2020, according to Kayak.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you head out to San Juan in June, you’ll be treated to nice price drop, averaging $270 in 2021, rather than $393 in 2020, according to Kayak. Take a refreshing dip at Carolina or Luquillo Beach and then explore the vibrant old neighborhood of El Viejo San Juan. Don’t miss the tour of the Bacardi rum plant.