If you’re looking to retire soon, the pivotal question is: Where you should you live?

In Travel & Leisure’s roundup of the best places to retire, 11 American cities topped the list, with one Texas destination—the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area—landing a spot. The list is compiled from a group of organizations that analyze U.S. cities and their suitability for retirement destinations, according to Travel & Leisure.

Of significant note, Dallas took top honors on the list for its small-town vibe and cosmopolitan appeal. The fact that Texas has no state income tax was also cited. The Dallas/Fort Worth housing market also features a wide range of housing available, according to Travel & Leisure.

“This fast-growing destination offers both a suburban and big-city lifestyle, giving retirees the option to choose a small-town feel with city conveniences nearby,” Travel & Leisure’s Patricia Doherty writes.

From Asheville, North Carolina to Nashville, Tennessee, here are some of the best places to retire in the U.S.:

  1. Sarasota, Florida
  2. Fort Myers, Florida
  3. Port Lucie, Florida
  4. Naples, Florida
  5. Nashville, Tennessee
  6. Asheville, North Carolina
  7. Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  8. Ann Arbor, Michigan
  9. Manchester, New Hampshire
  10. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  11. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

If you’re baffled by the fact that our beloved Houston didn’t make the list, we get it. Better luck next year, H-Town.