Only three in 10 Americans plan to purchase travel insurance


A new survey, conducted by Opinium Research, found that while 80 per cent of Americans intend to travel domestically this year, only three in 10 Americans plan to consider protecting their trip investments by purchasing travel insurance. Respondents cited price and ability to customize coverage options as the top reasons for not considering protecting trip investments.

As travel industry volatility continues amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, battleface has answered consumer calls for individualised products and customisation with its industry-first, build-your-own travel insurance plan.

The approach comes at a time where more than two-thirds of Americans (64 per cent) reported that cost was the biggest influence on their decision to buy travel insurance; while 44 per cent stated they are most influenced by the ability to create a policy suitable for their specific needs when shopping for travel insurance.

“Offering relevant benefits to fit the needs of today’s travellers is one of our key principles,” said Lisa Conway, Chief Underwriting Officer at battleface. “With personalisation top of mind, this a la carte approach creates opportunity for greater customer satisfaction and ultimately saves money.”


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