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Canada is well known for its high standard of work, outstanding healthcare system, living, strong financially and many cultures captivating the immigrants. If you decide to move to Canada from Abu Dubai, you need to understand the entire process of immigration.

This article will discuss the important steps that are needed for immigration to Canada from Abu Dhabi; whether you are deciding on a study permit, work permit or permanent resident in Canada, this information navigates the entire process of immigration and fulfills your dream into reality.

Some immigration programs, you can migrate like Express Entry, Provincial Nominee programs, family sponsoring and work or study permit that lead to PR-Permanent residency.

Finding the Criteria for Eligibility 

Canada has several programs, and every program has its eligibility criteria. The common immigration programs under the express entry system for the United Arab Emirates habitats are:

  • The Canadian experience class.
  • The federal skilled worker program.
  • The federal skilled trade program.

Collect All Necessary Documents 

Collect all necessary documents that fit your qualifications, work experience, economic status, age, and language skills.

For instance, you must give your certificates, passport, reliable work experience letter, health condition certifications, and command in a language like IELTS or CELPIP.

Make a Profile of an Express Entry 

When you apply under the express entry system, you must generate an online profile on IRCC. This profile will assist you in giving details about your qualification, work experience, and language skills.

When you collect all the necessary documents, then submit your application

Processing Procedure 

After submitting your application, you will wait to be processed by immigration authorities. The process will take time, depending on the program and the number of applications.

Medical Certificate

You will need to undergo the medical examination after your application progresses, and you will attain clearance certificates. These are essential to ensure you don’t pose a health or security risk to Canada.

Receive Confirmation Letter  

The step when the application is approved, you will get the Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) from the side of immigration authorities. This confirmation will specify the reliability of your PR. You will pay the right of permanent residency charges and submit your passport for visa imprinting while processing.

Preparing for Landing  

Receive the COPR, and you can embark on the journey to landing in Canada, including the reservation of your ticket and funds, and inform the authorities about your move.

Landing process

Arriving in Canada, you must go through the immigration process at the port of entry. This may include the COPR, passport and other required documents. Immigration officers verify your documents and landing, and then you will officially be the PR of Canada.

Settling in Canada 

Furthermore, you step into Canada and settle in this country, including accommodation, registering for the social insurance number, opening the bank account, enrolling in a language class and beginning to start searching for a job.  Contact us at to simplify the application process for you.

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