Singapore is often becoming a destination as an economic backpacker-style vacation spot because of its location close to Indonesia. Singapore is suitable as a vacation choice with family, friends, or partners. Although the cost of living in Singapore is quite expensive, this does not make it an obstacle for travelers to explore every corner of the city of Singapore.

 There are many hotels that can be used as accommodation places, such as Singapore convention hotels and Fort Canning Hotel, which have complete facilities. If you want to visit Singapore, here are some cheap and economical tips that you can do.

  1. Buy Cheap Tickets

Vacations anywhere will be more efficient when using air transportation. So before taking on the role of a backpacker to Singapore, it’s a good idea to hunt for cheap tickets. You can choose Traveloka as your partner on vacation to find the greatest deals on transportation.

  1. Book Accommodation in Advance

Besides cheap tickets, you also need to take care of booking lodging before your departure to Singapore. You can check online sites such as Traveloka which currently provide many of the best hotel reservations from the cheapest prices to the expensive prices. You can find several hotels in Singapore with special rates.

  1. Using Manual and Digital Maps

One thing that should not be missed even though it is simple for a backpacker to Singapore, is GPS. Nowadays, many people use maps via smartphones because they are more practical and precise to show directions. As a backpacker, a map is one of the main items because it can be a travel guide like a tour guide in digital form. To find out more about the city of Singapore, we recommend that you use the manual map available for free at Changi airport.

  1. Use MRT

Transportation will be an essential part of the accommodation for a backpacker, and to save expenses while in Singapore, you should use the MRT and not use taxis. Before taking the MRT, you should first buy an EZ Link card at the station counter because it can make your trip anywhere easier.

  1. Exchange Your Currency

Changing money is a mandatory thing to do while on vacation in Singapore. Because you can only exchange it at an Indonesian money changer just in case there are unexpected expenses shortly after arriving in Singapore. In addition, you are also advised to bring a credit card or ATM card as a backup in case of out-of-budget expenses. So, you can enjoy vacations and fun walks while in Singapore.

  1. Choose Cheap but Delicious Places to Eat

Wherever you go, you have to make sure to eat some of the typical culinary delights found in that location. Singapore has many specialties that offer cheap prices. You can find affordable meals by visiting the Hawker Center, which is a foodie’s paradise with several choices of specialty foods priced cheaply. In addition, you can also visit the food junction located at the Harbourfront Center.

  1. Cheap Shopping Tour in Singapore

If you want to hunt for souvenirs before returning to Indonesia to give to friends and relatives, some shopping places in Singapore are very backpacker-friendly, because you don’t have to spend so much money. There are several places suitable for backpackers, like you, namely Chinatown, Lucky Plaza, and Geylang. You can choose souvenirs, accessories or snacks there.

Those are the tips for a cheap vacation to Singapore. To save expenses, you can also bring your own drinking bottle, so you don’t need to buy mineral water in Singapore because it is quite expensive. Don’t miss out on getting great Hotel deals! Login to your account on Traveloka App immediately to enjoy this offer.

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