Is it cheaper than before the pandemic to travel within the United States?

Impact of the Pandemic on Tourism – IMF F&D

Travel costs have risen this season, but the Covid Restrictions are putting a damper on demand. Travel rebound earlier this summer, particularly in domestic leisure destinations, According to the customer feedback of travellers that they had to pay extra for flights, hotels, and rented vehicles. However, the recent outbreak of coronavirus illnesses related to the Delta and omicron variants has cast doubt on expectations that expenses will stay high. In this article, we will let you know how travelling is becoming expensive compared to the pre coronavirus period in the United States.

Social Distancing Giving rise to airfares

For social separation, Delta Air Lines is banning middle seats and limiting aircraft loads allowing only about 50 percent of seats available on a trip to be booked. Emirates, American Airlines, Japan Airlines, United, and others are among the airlines that have implemented comparable regulations, which means that there will be fewer seats booked for the flight, which would give loss to the airlines, and in the end, the airlines wouldn’t be left with any option but to increase the airfares for the travellers. You can also check flight tickets companies reviews to know how this step impacted travellers.

Rising Oil Prices 

Many airlines have used rate reductions to entice consumers, but growing fuel prices are set to alter that shortly. Many airlines have said that increasing jet fuel prices would have a negative impact on their bottom line, while have predicted a heavy loss on an annualised basis owing to higher fuel expenses. Fuel costs are one of the most significant components of an airline’s financial sheet, accounting for around 20% of operational costs. Last year, during the height of the epidemic, the airline industry in the United States lost a whopping $35 billion owing to travel restrictions, but they are now losing money since many countries have opened. Now when the Oil Price is rising up it would not be possible to travel very cheaply within the United States.

Demand and Supply Factor

Since the Biden government announced that the limitations will be lifted, international flight bookings to the United States have more than doubled. The restarting of the borders comes with the latest regulations, but it is seen as a positive step toward improving the economy. Airlines are racing to recruit thousands of captains, airline staff, booking agents, airport staff, and other personnel to fulfil rising demand ahead of the season as demand for air travel soars. Many companies reward workers who work multiple shifts during the holidays with premium bonuses and privileges. Now the travel restriction has been lifted in the United States; we would see in the upcoming time that thousands of people would want to travel by air which would lead to high demand and thus lead to higher airfares for the consumers.


Although most airlines are dedicated to keeping price hikes to a minimum, they cannot ignore the reality that they have two years of enormous losses to make up for, as well as the ongoing costs of COVID-related restrictions. In short, the airfares are higher and will be higher in the upcoming time.