Camping is an amazing activity to do with friends, family, and loved ones. It’s a good workout that allows you to connect with nature and get away with screens for a while—and everyone needs that.

Though the whole purpose of camping is to unplug, unwind, and relax, it does ironically take a lot of planning to get a camping trip just right. From making sure you have the right tent to securing the campgrounds and packing the right snacks, here are the most important things to do to ensure your camping adventure is perfect.


Get a Solar Generator

You might be able to rough it out in the wilderness without wifi, electricity, or heat. But that’s too much deprivation for some, and that’s okay. It’s still camping if you bring a solar generator!

The best solar generators will revolutionize your camping experience. You can charge just about anything. Many portable solar generators have adapters that can connect them to your car as a way of charging them, so you don’t even need to worry about saving up a huge charge at home and slowly divvying it out.

Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

Camping isn’t like vacationing—you can’t order a pizza on lazy nights! There are no French bistros for romantic dinners. You have to bring every bite of food you and your party will need. 

Make a plan and shop ahead—think beans, canned foods, nuts, cold cuts—anything easy to assemble. Make sure to stock up on food that you can eat, cooked or uncooked. You never know if a sudden unexpected rain might leave you without dry wood for a campfire. 

Bring Backup Gasoline 

Many people choose to camp in one of America’s 423 National Parks. Many of these parks require you to drive quite a ways to find the campsite. Don’t let your gas tank dwindle below a quarter tank on the way there.

Fill up before you arrive, and bring an extra container in case of emergency. You don’t want to get stuck inside a national park.

Create an Activity Itinerary

At a park like Yellowstone, there are so many things to do. From visiting one of the oldest geysers in the world to climbing iconic peaks like Half Dome, there’s too much to keep track of and too much to do without a plan. 

Make an activity itinerary, so everyone knows what the activity options are. Order it from most physically demanding to least, so you know on your lazy days and on your fit days which activities are best.

Outfit Your Car For Sleeping Just in Case

Sometimes it gets too cold or too hot to sleep outside. Sometimes a swarm of flies won’t leave you alone, or you might hear a bear or something spookier. 

Don’t rule out sleeping in your car as a backup. In fact, plan for it, and outfit your car accordingly.

Enjoy the Big Outdoors

Remember to dedicate time to connect with nature. It’s easy to get sucked into the day-to-day. But getting out in nature is crucial for us all.

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