How to Create a Hotel Website That Gets More Bookings

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How to Create a Hotel Website That Gets More Bookings

The percentage of happy people around the world keeps increasing gradually after the pandemic, and this is largely due to the lifting of travel bans in different countries. This means the more people are free to travel around, the happier they are.

Now, this has led to an increase in demand for hotel bookings worldwide. When people think of a hotel, they search online to get the best hotel in their preferred location. Hence, the need for every hotelier to build a hotel website.

Speaking of websites, you might have an existing hotel website that doesn’t get the desired number of bookings you desire. So, you might need to create a well-detailed website that convinces customers, leading to more bookings.

How to Create a Hotel Website That Gets More Bookings

1. Collaboration with A Website Design Firm

Leave the hard task for the expert to handle, and you will be glad you did. No one does it better than those that know about it; website design firms take proper consideration in carrying out the task you give to yield better results.

Remember, they are professionals, so they help design your website from scratch using the best design language (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). They also choose the matching palettes that match your business and entice your guests. They put SEO in mind to make your website rank higher than your competitors.

2. Do It Yourself

Many business owners think building a website is hard, but it’s not rocket science. There are tons of materials and platforms online to help you get started with building your hotel website. Let’s get some tips on how to get more bookings with your hotel website.

Your Target Market

In designing a hotel website, defining your target market has to come first; since you are designing to get more bookings, then you need to understand how the hotel business works. If you’re running a luxury hotel, then your target market should be the elites; to achieve this, create a stunning website that showcases the beauty of your hotel using high-definition pictures.

If your target market is the millennials, then use high-definition pictures showcasing active young men that have previously lodged in your hotel. Show the gym center and other relaxation centers.

Digital convenience, the next essential of customer experience, is a critical factor in determining how customers make decisions about what to buy, what services to use, where to go, and with whom to engage.

Start opening your hotel’s digital front door, and provide them instant value with just one click! #oneclickaway

No app is required for the guest, and your hotel is set to instantly provide a personalized guest experience.

Learn more with

Your Booking Form

What is the use of a hotel website that attracts guests but doesn’t have an online booking form? Your guests should have easy access to your booking form, and that is why you should consider a hotel booking engine that also increases conversions.

Including simple call-to-action buttons like “book now” and “secure your space now ” will be great to create the desired results.

Don’t Forget Search Engine Optimization

The main purpose of creating a hotel website is to have an online presence; then, what use will the website be if it can’t be found on Google? Well! That is where SEO comes in; SEO will help your website rank so guests can easily see it.  To drive traffic to your website, get an SEO Agency to create a good SEO strategy that will use the appropriate keywords to rank high on Google result pages.

Mobile Compatibility

The era of smartphones is here, and most tasks that can be accomplished on a computer can be done effortlessly on smartphones too. Although most websites are built to be navigated by computers only, this isn’t a good initiative for your hotel business as many guests might be en route and might decide to lodge.

When you design your website to be responsive to both phones and computers, you have a higher chance of getting more bookings than your competitors.

Website Speed

The frustration of waiting for a website that takes forever to load is second to none. I tend to visit hotel websites that load swiftly; this saves time and reduces data consumption.

Your website should be designed in such a way that it loads very fast to keep guests on your website. An unresponsive or low-speed hotel website will be avoided by guests like a plague.


Hoteliers have two options when they want to create a website that gets more bookings; either they collaborate with a website design firm or use the do-it-yourself (DIY) method. Going for the first option will take time, and it will also cost a lot of money, but the result will be just as fantastic as the profit you make.

The latter is also as simple as the first option since you will be investing in a hotel website builder, and it only requires a few edits. It is important to choose a template made for a hotel website to get the desired bookings.

Over to you

The hotel industry is always changing, especially during a time of crisis. Make sure to future-proof your business and continue attracting new guests by investing in these solutions.

Ready to take your hotels digital transformation to a new level?

Hire a digital transformation coach for a new and bright future!

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