In Thailand you will see amazing sunsets, millions of happy smiles, beautiful islands and beaches, beautiful temples and many other extraordinary things. This alone would have been more than enough to attract millions of people but this amazing country has one more card up its sleeve and that is Muay Thai. The centuries old form of martial arts which is so deeply ingrained in the traditions and culture of this country. Thousands of dedicated Muay Thai students practice this sport at more than two hundred Muay Thai training camps all across Thailand. Many of these training camps is located on the islands and beaches surrounding Thailand and this has made Muay Thai holidays even more popular. Because of the fitness and weight reducing benefits of Muay Thai increasing numbers of people come over on weekends just to get in an extra few hours of quality Muay Thai training. For many people a vacation that does not include Muay Thai training is in many ways a waste of precious time.

Making a decision

Thailand is after all a country with a tropical climate and then there is all those tempting islands and beaches. So it can be very easy to yield to the temptation and to simply sit on the beach with a glass of your favourite beverage. This would be a shame because you would miss out on so much of what this country has to offer you. It has been said repeatedly that you can never really come to understand Thailand, it’s traditions and culture without some serious involvement in Muay Thai. Muay Thai has grown with Thailand over the centuries and Thailand has remained largely unchanged because of Muay Thai. Without it the country would have been invaded a long time ago and its identity might have been lost. Without Muay Thai this would have been a completely different country and new generations of young people would have never known how much was lost.

The national sport

This is why Muay Thai has such an important place in the lives of the people of Thailand and foreigners can only really begin to understand this overwhelming influence after a proper introduction to Muay Thai. There are already thousands of foreigners who have developed a healthy respect for Muay Thai and who through personal experience have come to understand that Muay Thai is the very heartbeat of Thailand and that without Muay Thai the true identity of this country would be for ever lost. This is why Muay Thai holidays and vacations at Suwitgym has become increasingly popular in recent years and there are also more and more citizens of Thailand who realizes that they have a sacred responsibility to protect their heritage and to make it easier for foreigners to learn about Muay Thai and why it is such an integral part of the very fibre and being of Thailand. I has once been said that people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge and even though the zeal of the people people of Thailand for Muay Thai makes this an unlikely outcome it is still important to share this knowledge with the world and a Muay Thai holiday is the perfect way to accomplish this sacred duty.

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