Customized Zoho CRM For Travel Agency

BySteven I. Green

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Organize, store, and manage all your travel agency CRM needs efficiently.

The client: On the lookout for a travel agency management software

The client, Travel Tyme, a travel agency based in St. Loius, Missouri, required us to help them ease their workflow by bringing in automation.

For bringing in a high level of organization in managing their leads, customers, and streamlining all of their processes, with the help of our Zoho customization services, we customized Zoho CRM for travel operators.

The challenge: A travel agency CRM software

The client, being a reputable travel agency, has a high inflow of new leads that comes their way every day, along with a long list of loyal customers.

The broad range of services that they offer keeps their clients coming back to them for their consulting services, special travel packages to procuring travel insurance before their travels, and much more.

As a consequence, our client was overwhelmed with work that was repetitive, time-consuming, but inevitable and spent their workforce energy on accomplishing these tasks that were still prone to error.

The challenge was to efficiently automate all of these tasks to ensure that Travel Tyme would never have to miss consulting appointments or deadlines for booking accommodations, and commutes, to name a few.

The requirements: A Zoho CRM for tour operators

The client, based on the above challenges, brought us the following list of requirements in their travel agency management software:

  • Maintaining a record of new leads and a way to prioritize them
  • Keeping a record of contacts and effectively manage them
  • Automatically creating and defining tasks based on the destination chosen by their customers, including the tour plan.
  • Handling and managing our client vendors and their payments
  • Easy sharing of documents from tickets and other booking acknowledgments to sharing of agreements, including Insurance, currency exchange details, etc.

Travel Tyme’s data to be sorted and stored on a single platform according to their requirements.

The solution: Customizing Zoho CRM for tour operators

As Zoho Authorized partners, our developers with the experience and expertise knew precisely what our client needed. Our team brought them the best travel agency CRM software by customizing the Zoho CRM accurately to take care of their travel agency CRM needs.

From taking care of lead registration through the Zoho CRM forms to prioritizing the leads and handing it over to the right travel agent to obtain the maximum lead conversion, to store all of the data, sort the previous customer’s data including the pre-sales and post-sales info, travel itinerary plans, and much more, our Zoho developers provided a perfect custom solution along with Zoho CRM integration with Zoho Docs to store all the above data on a single platform.

Using the performance management feature in Zoho CRM, we customized the client Zoho travel agency CRM to create new tasks with predefined action plans based on what their customers would choose, be it seasonal travel specials to the other travel packages, including worldwide cruises, sacred travel pilgrimages, beach vacations to name a few, with custom workflow rules.

With the refined account management that Zoho CRM offers, we helped Travel Tyme by automating the process of advanced payments from their customers who need to deposit for booking the travels, accommodations, etc., to help our client in managing their vendor’s fees.

The result: Successful implementation of Zoho travel agency CRM

Travel Tyme, by hiring our Zoho developers gained immensely in their business, by saving time, workforce energy to an error-free solution by obtaining automation in their workflow process. Our developers customized the Zoho CRM for tour operators to fit perfectly for their specific needs.

The client did not have to worry about missing consulting appointments, or missing leads as the custom rules we had set, allowed them to send emails and reminder alerts about the appointment meetings.

Managing their booking details from accommodations, flights, buses, etc. became smooth, as sharing the same with their clients or staying updated using the easy search option on Zoho Docs was made available to any agent with the right credentials to the highly organized documents.

The payment automation that we customized helped them never to miss a payment and take care of the same in advance with setting up schedules/reminders, be it for receiving payments from their customers, or paying the bills to their vendor, and they always stayed on top.

Overall, the client, Travel Tyme, with our Zoho customization services for all of the Zoho CRM projects integrations that we provided, could increase their ROI and are happy with our services.

Why choose Infomaze for your travel CRM software?

If you have a similar project on the mind or you have an industry-specific project specification, all you will have to do is reach out to us with your requirements and hire Zoho Developers from Infomaze, and everything else from there will be taken care of at Infomaze.

From consulting, designing, and developing, to its deployment, our team maintains complete transparency, guarantees project completion with competitively less turnaround time, without affecting the quality of the project… Click The Below Link For More Details..

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