Coldplay launch tour app to encourage fans to plan low-carbon travel


Coldplay have created a special app to accompany their ‘Music Of The Spheres’ world tour to help their fans plan low-carbon and sustainable travel routes to and from their shows.

The four-piece kicked off their eco-friendly tour in Costa Rica back in March in support of their ninth studio album, which came out back in October. You can find tickets to their upcoming UK dates here.

The ‘Music Of The Spheres World Tour App’ first launched during those Central American dates, and the app is now being given a renewed push as the band embarks on the North American leg of their tour tomorrow (May 6).

Available to download here for free for iOS and Android devices, the app “forms a key part of the band’s pledge to make their tour as sustainable and low-carbon as possible, since fan travel accounts for the largest part of tour-related emissions”, a statement reads.

Coldplay’s app will allow “fans to plan low-carbon travel to and from shows, with those who choose green journeys [being] rewarded with a merch discount code” at the gigs.

The app, which will also house Coldplay-themed games and AR experiences, exclusive behind-the-scenes content and an audio livestream of a forthcoming European tour date, will “measure total fan-travel carbon emissions so that the band can drawdown these impacts via high quality nature-based solutions, such as reforestation and soil regeneration”.

So far, the average fan carbon footprint is down around 50 per cent from 2016/17’s ‘A Head Full Of Dreams Tour’.

“We’re really proud of the ‘Music Of The Spheres World Tour App’,” Coldplay said in a statement. “For the past few years, we’ve been figuring out how to put sustainability at the heart of our tour. The app is a big part of that. You can use the app to figure out the cleanest and greenest ways to get to and from the concert.

“It also allows us to see how people have travelled to and from the shows so that we can drawdown all those emissions. You can also get right to the heart of the tour with exclusive photos, performances and behind-the-scenes access.”

Last month Coldplay were among the artists to donate songs to EarthPercent’s Earth Day initiative.


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