Choosing the Right Entertainment for Kids When Traveling

BySteven I. Green

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Read how to make your trip with kids unforgettable. Learn more about different types of entertainment while traveling.

Traveling can be an exhilarating and eye-opening experience for anyone without any bound of age. Beautiful sights, a variety of food, and new experiences can make you experience life in a new way.

But with children, it can also be daunting to make proper adjustments for them according to their needs as they can get cranky with such huge changes in schedules. However, if you are well prepared for it and learn to deal effectively with the situation, travel can be a bonus and create precious memories.

packing tips for carry-on only

Traveling with children takes a bit of patience and preparation. Photo by AndrewLozovyi via

The question is how to make your trips with kids hassle-free? Of course, by entertaining them using the ideas given below. You can also check a collection of entertainment essay samples or other samples and read more about great ways to make your journeys fun and enjoyable. Before we discuss entertainment strategies, let’s talk more about the benefits of traveling for kids.

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Traveling can be overwhelming but is a great opportunity for children to learn about diversity, respect different cultures, and celebrate differences.

Benefits of Traveling for Kids

Traveling is interesting and educating entertainment for kids. Some of the benefits of traveling are that it:

  • Teaches responsibility and care for others
  • Helps enhance social skills
  • Provides an opportunity to have quality time with family and cherish the moment
  • Can be a great way of teaching management with some supervision
  • Encourages acceptance of cultural differences and uniqueness
  • Creates a curiosity for knowledge
  • Helps kids become flexible and more adaptive
  • Enhances imagination and creativity
  • Fosters independence
  • Teaches ways to effectively deal with various situations
  • Introduces historical figures and places
  • Can enhance linguistic development at a young age
  • Teaches self-reliance and how to combat boredom

So if you are wondering what to do with kids on weekends, why not consider a short road trip? This is a great way to test the waters and become more comfortable with travel.

perfect family road trip

Road trips are a great way to get out and start traveling. Photo by Wavebreakmedia via iStock by Getty Images

Traveling and Entertainment

If you are planning on traveling, you also have to plan on how to keep your kids occupied. This is the first thing that comes to mind if you don’t want a trip filled with regrets. Long drives or flights can be exhausting for kids. Having an activity to do to pass time can make the trip memorable.

Play Games

Many games can be played by kids of all age groups. Ranging from elementary-age kids to teenagers. Some games can be played individually and others as a group. You can get word search puzzles. Sticker books of their favorite characters are also another fun activity to do.

Of course, there are also electronic games, and you can determine before the trip how much screen time to allow during the trip. Finding the right entertainment for traveling is something you can also let your kids help plan.

perfect family road trip

Work out screen time and any sharing before you start your road trip. Photo by monkeybusiness via

Document the Journey

Memories of trips are what traveling is for! A child must have something that reminds them of a trip they took. You can help your child document their trips by giving them a journal or a camera!

For a journal, you can opt to go for a normal notebook or a designed journal. Encourage your child to write what fascinates them about the trip.

Entertainment for Kids When Traveling

Encourage kids to document their travels in cheap notebooks. You can also let them try their hands at photography.

You can also get inexpensive cameras. Have them take pictures of whatever catches their eye. Introduce your child to photography. Who knows, you might have a skilled photographer in your midst!

Draw and Color

Drawing and coloring can be done by kids of all ages. You can get your kids a drawing tablet. Have them draw anything or give them a task to draw the family on the trip.

Alternatively, you can get them coloring books. All you need are the crayons or pencils and the book. Let the kid choose what to color and with what. It is a trip—let them have some fun.


Music is the key to the soul. A way to lift a child’s spirit is to turn on the radio. You can listen to it as loud as you can while on a road trip. This is a great sing-along time for the entire family.

Entertainment for Kids When Traveling

Singing in the car can be a highlight of a road trip. Photo by Prostock-Studio via iStock by Getty Images

For those traveling by air, a tablet and some earphones are what you need. Download and compile kid-friendly music. A playlist that has some feel-good music for kids can entertain them—or be used to help them fall asleep.

Entertainment for Kids When Traveling

Headphones are essential on airplanes. Photo by yaoinlove via iStock by Getty Images

Planning the Trip

Now, traveling with children can feel like a chore as much as it is leisure. If not planned out well, this can be quite overwhelming and challenging. Your time on the road may not be as comforting as you expect it to be with unpredictable circumstances.

Apart from the long list of things that you need to pack for your adventure, you should also make sure that you are ready to troubleshoot any incident while you travel with the kids. If you are looking forward to having a worry-free holiday, these are some of the tips you can use to save your family getaway and have a fun and memorable experience with the kids, no matter the age.

Entertainment for Kids When Traveling

You can experience grand adventures with your children if you plan ahead.

Plan Pit-Stops

If you ever plan a long drive with the kids, prepare yourself to hear a seemingly endless soundtrack of, “Are we there yet?”. To tame that impatience, plan fun side tours along the way that would add to the fun of your travel itinerary! You will not only distract them from the boredom of the trip, but you can also have fabulous adventures in their memories that they can surely look back to as they grow old.

perfect family road trip

Plan pitstops along the way. Photo by ASphotowed via iStock by Getty Images

Have Fun

The whole family can participate in classic car games that will make your trip as fun as it should be! You can have simple, interactive games such as turning common road sights like signs, passing vehicles, and scenery into a competitive game. In this way, you are making the most out of the ride while sightseeing all the same!

Pack Snacks

An hour or two of watching Peppa Pig can only keep the kids engaged for so long. Besides, just shoving a phone or a tablet to your kids while on travel defeats the purpose of going on a trip as a family. So, when all else fails, have them snack on fun and healthy treats that are best when home-cooked with love. Don’t forget to pack a cooler filled with treats for your road trip.

Entertainment for Kids When Traveling

Prepare some healthy snacks to take along on the road. Photo by lithiumcloud via iStock by Getty Images

The Right Entertainment for Kids When Traveling Creates Lasting Memories

These are some of the options you can choose from while you are on a family trip. As a parent, you have to make sure that your ways of keeping them engaged will not sacrifice the value of the moment or of the trip itself. Make sure you give your children something that can never be taken away—the experience, the adventure, and the memories that they can look back to in the years ahead.

The greatest legacy you can leave your children is filling their love banks with happy memories. When they grow up, they will not probably remember the fancy toys you buy them. Instead, they will remember the quality time you have spent with them. The most sensible investment to make as a parent is to bring your kids to places to travel, explore, and see the great outdoors. Check out Wander for more great destinations where you can have grand adventures and get outdoors.

Read how to make your trip with kids unforgettable. Learn more about different types of entertainment while traveling.


Choosing the Right Entertainment for Kids When Traveling


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