Experts share ways to combat air sickness during plane travel


Traveling to Bali from China takes quite a lot of time on the way. For those who are used to flying long distances, it might feel normal. But for those prone to motion sickness, it is a nightmare.


Motion sickness occurs whether you are on the bus, ship, or airplane. Usually, motion sickness occurs due to an imbalance in the inner ear. Plus, turbulence shocks cause the condition to get worse.


You can avoid motion sickness or minimize its effects with the method as follows:


Choose a Seat at The Front Row

Did you know that choosing a seat in the front is much more stable than the seat in the back? This also applies to road trips. Many people prefer to sit in the front because the back side feels more shaking.


Don’t Watch Movie on Your Phone or Read Books

Watching or reading a book will focus your eyes, making your nausea worse, especially if there is turbulence while your eyes are trying to focus on reading the shaking text. Of course, you will be dizzy.



The most powerful way to overcome motion sickness is sleep. Sleeping will rest your brain, so you forget about nausea. Usually, after waking up, you will be more refreshed, and the nausea will go away on its own.


Looking for Distraction

If nausea still doesn’t subside, try to find a distraction that can make you forget the sickness, for example by chatting with other people or looking out the window to refresh your mind.


Chew on Ginger or Mint Candies

Ginger and mint can naturally reduce dizziness, nausea, and vomiting during travel. So if you have a history of motion sickness, it’s best to have ginger or mint candies in your bag. If the symptoms have started to appear, relieve them immediately with the sweet.

Take Motion Sickness Medication

Have you tried all, but nothing has worked? It may be time for you to take motion sickness medication. This medicine will make you drowsy, so ensure you are comfortable after taking the medicine.


When you get off the plane, the dizziness usually disappears because the situation is more stable. Your brain can already send signals that the situation is in balance. It’s time to continue your journey to check in at a green hotel or delicious culinary tours in Bali. Good luck with the tips!


By Rehan

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