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7 Ways to Enjoy Luxury Glamping in the UK

Luxury glamping in the UK is one of Europe’s hottest vacation trends.

Glamping is a mix of glamourous amenities with camping out in the wild. You get the beauty and relaxation of being near nature, while not having to give up a warm bath, a comfortable bed or even a gourmet meal depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

Glamping lets you get out in nature, without all the hassle of setting up a tent and sleeping on the ground, or the inconveniences of using public washrooms and cooking out of a cooler.

Glamping in the UK
Photo credit: Unique Hideaways

These vacation alternatives can even come accessorized with lavish features like hot tubs, luxurious washrooms, high end beds, and often stunning views.

With glamping, there’s a price point for everyone, from the most affordable and simple accommodation to high end luxury retreats catering to all your needs.

Luxury Glamping in the UK

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Why You Should Eat at Restaurant 604 in Honolulu, Hawaii!

Restaurant 604 is one of the most visited restaurants in Honolulu, Hawaii… and you should find out the reason why!

If there is one thing to explore in Hawaii more than just beaches and islands, that’s their food! Whether it be modern or traditional cuisine, Hawaii’s dishes are flavorful and hard to resist. For this reason, restaurants, specifically in Honolulu, are very competitive when it comes to serving the best cuisine to their visitors.


For us travelers, it may be good news as we are left with a lot of options to choose from. It’s not difficult to look for a great restaurant around the area that can satisfy our cravings. However, most people tend to look for the cheapest, affordable yet delicious meal. I mean… who doesn’t want that, right? If you’re also looking for that restaurant, then you’re on the right page! Let me introduce you to Restaurant

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Travel insurance post COVID | Insurance Business Australia

While some underwriters have adapted their travel products to include coverage for COVID-19 in their wording or via endorsement to meet the changing needs of travellers, brokers must be aware that many have not. 

The following are five key factors to consider when purchasing a travel insurance policy:

  1. Does the policy provide overseas medical expenses to protect a traveller if they were to contract COVID-19 while travelling in a foreign country?

Given the high medical costs in some countries or the need for payment guarantees to hospitals, it is important that, should a traveller need to seek medical attention or be hospitalised overseas for COVID-19, the policy will respond. 

There are countries, particularly in Southeast Asia, that now request all foreign nationals entering to have travel insurance for COVID-19 treatment, with a minimum coverage requirement. If this is a prereq-uisite for a visa or a pre-entry requirement, then

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How to have a hotel website that drives revenue

Creating a website where travellers can reach you directly is a great step in generating extra revenue for your hotel. However, to really be successful in meeting today’s guest expectations you need to pay particular attention to optimising every element of your website.

Users expect simple yet comprehensive, elegant, and intuitive websites that enable them to find the information they’re looking for. At the same time hoteliers need to have a website that drives significant business results by operating like a real ecommerce website.

This is tied to the fact that a hotel is so much more than rooms and beds – in 2022 your hotel and everything in it is a product that can be made profitable. Your website can help you unlock this revenue if it’s professional, attractive, and fully integrated. There’s a LOT that goes into accomplishing this but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as

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