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Clay Center hosts interactive, live video tours | Arts & Entertainment

Ever looked at a portrait and wondered what, exactly, you’re supposed to be seeing?

Oh, sure, there’s a person staring back at you with a mysterious look, or perhaps a secretive smile that makes you wonder what they’re really up to.

You might like it, feel drawn to it. But what is it that makes this particular picture museum worthy and notable?

These days, you don’t need a degree in fine art or a class in art appreciation to figure it out.

The Clay Center has launched “Inside Look,” an interactive, live video tour featuring — a few at a time — works that are currently on display in the Juliet Art Museum. The first few tours will feature art from the “Face to Face: Portraits” exhibit, part of the museum’s permanent collection which highlights different approaches to portraits dating back to the late 1600s until today.

Viewers can expect

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Morocco Climate and Travel Seasons: What to Expect?

02/01/2021, Errachidia // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

The weather of Morocco is an issue to take into account when organizing your unique desert tour, as it has a wide variety of climatic zones and extreme temperatures in many cases. Therefore, we dedicate this page to the subject, which will serve as a guide to choose the period of your trip and the city or region to visit.

The weather in Morocco: By Areas

Here is a presentation of the Moroccan weather, grouped by different zones: the Atlantic Coast, the Mediterranean North, the Center, and the South.

The Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic coast, which extends to the borders of Western Sahara, enjoys mild and temperate winters, while summers are hot. It is a very windy area all year round, and the water is relatively cold. Beware also of ocean currents. Along the Atlantic coast of Morocco, between the months of

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Miller House tours to return

COLUMBUS, Ind. — The popular Miller House and Garden Tours return at half-capacity for health reasons beginning March 5 in Columbus.

And organizers expect most, if not all, will sell out quickly just as they did at that level last year. The 90-minute tours cost $25 per person and normally include 12 people each since groups must be brought to the grounds on Highland Way by a small shuttle bus.

In recent years, the home and gardens completed in 1957 have been closed in January and February for general maintenance.

But, for most of last year, Newfields, which owns and operates the Modernist showplace from architect Eero Saarinen and landscape architect Dan Kiley, limited visits to groups of six people twice weekly, partly because of COVID-19 and the limited physical space for people to walk in some parts of the house, such as the children’s area.

The facility also features

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Tourism Australia: Demand for regional Aussie travel tours soar

Culinary travel is associated with overseas destinations but Australians are discovering delectable experiences in their own backyard.

Culinary travel has long been associated with exotic overseas destinations but with the world the way it is, Australians are discovering delectable and enlightening experiences in their own backyard.

Embarking on a food tour is not just about filling your belly and tantalising your tastebuds, it is a way of gaining greater understanding of an area and its history through immersion and discovery.

Food and tourism marketing specialist Holly Galbraith said the industry was being forced to diversify with more experiences on offer following a resurgence in domestic travel.

“Through this pandemic, people definitely have that growing interest in where their food is coming from,” Galbraith says. “We’ve become really hyper-local, so not only are we wanting to support producers, operators or farmers from Australia, we want to support them from certain areas

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