A Guide to Try 10 of the Most Interesting and Unusual Things to Do in Reno  » City Travel Hub

No matter you would like to spend the day at the spa or hit up some bars and comedy clubs or simply relax or loosen up in a luxury motel in Reno, the city is popularly known to have a wide range of activities to do. The ones who enjoy some retro fun should spend an evening playing Mortal Kombat at Press Start in Midtown or cuddling in the car at the local drive-in theatre. For an unusual getaway, check out the natural hot water at Steamboat Hot Springs south of town.

  • Hunter Creek Trail

The city area has quite a few hiking trails that take both novice and experienced hikers into the hills around the city. The Hunter Creek Trail is one of the more popular hikes, but there is a good reason – there is a waterfall at the end. A waterfall in the high desert is hard to come by, but this one runs all year and is a nice end to this 5.2 round trip hike in the foothills of Sierra.

This trail offers views of the Downtown Reno skyline as well views of Hunter Creek, cottonwood and pine trees, colorful rocks and flowers in the summer. The waterfall at the end of this hike is a nice place for a picnic at all times of the year.

  • Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center & Spa

This is a historic hot springs, which is situated down the Mount Rose Highway near Reno. It is just a fifteen minute drive from a Downtown Reno motel. The resort is a Nevada state registered landmark and the only operating geothermal springs in Reno. Steamboat offers a lot of preventative wellness therapies utilizing the mineral-rich water that flows from under the desert.

The spa is housed in a Mission-styled building and is relaxing and calm. In addition to cool and hot geothermal hydrotherapy offered in private and communal mineral tubs and steam room, the spa offers therapeutic massages, detoxifying mud wraps, salt and sugar scrubs, Reiki and facials. They even offer naturopathic physician services and seminars.

  • Press Start

Press Start is located in Midtown Reno, which is more than bar. If you grew up playing arcade games or wish you did, this bar and gaming space will bring back memories. This place features dozens of the most popular arcade and pinball games including Area 51, Mortal Kombat, and Dig Dug. There are also a few contemporary games such as The Walking Dead.

The bar features local and regional beer on tap and bottles as well as themed cocktails such as the “Ms. PAC-MAN” Margarita, “Raiden” Kamikaze, and “Zelda” Lemondrop. The place is also conveniently situated near art galleries, shops, bars, and restaurants of Midtown. Press Start is a laid back and cool “barcade” that features a variety of old-school arcade games.

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