Travelling in  India can be an experience of a lifetime. The culture and colours dazzle visitors who come to explore this ancient land. India is an emerging economy, and its tourism industry continues to grow yearly. Thus, making it a favorite destination for visitors of all nationalities. India offers tourists a wealth of attractions, religious, traveling, and sightseeing. It is also a country with its fair share of political and social unrest, which can be daunting for those visiting India for the first time. There are many amazing things about this wonderful country that you should know before visiting. Being aware of these will make travelling in India even better.

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Things Visitors Should be Aware of Before Travelling to India

1. Be Prepared for Culture Shock 

10 Things Visitors Should Be Aware Of Before Travelling to India 01

It is very easy to be completely overwhelmed by this ancient culture. India has a rich and diverse culture with a huge number of languages and customs. These can lead to confusion, making it difficult to know how to act. Culture shock is something that many first-time visitors to India experience, especially when it comes to food and transportation. It would help if you studied Indian culture before travelling to India to be aware of some customs and traditions.

2. Get Out of the Cities

The big cities of India are places you would want to visit and experience.  It is highly recommended that you get out of the city and explore this vast country. India has many wonderful landscapes, mountains, forests, and lakes, which will offer you a different experience of the country altogether. It is highly recommended that first-time visitors drive out of their comfort zone to see how people live in rural areas.

3. Wear Appropriate Attire and Cover-up When Necessary

10 Things Visitors Should Be Aware Of Before Travelling to India

India is a conservative country.  You should dress sensitively according to the culture. Many Indian women wear saris, a long piece of cloth wrapped around the body with a belt that can be worn in different styles according to the occasion. Men should avoid shorts and tight clothing when visiting India because it might offend locals. It is always highly recommended to cover your shoulders, chest, and upper arms as a sign of respect for this great culture.

4. Beware of Spiritual Scams

 India is a country with a high spiritual belief system, and many people will try to sell you spiritual items to help you with your spiritual well-being. India is also where you will find tantric healers and beauticians, which can be very expensive. You should avoid paying for services upfront and always check for recommendations before going for services.

5. Learn to Bargain

10 Things Visitors Should be Aware of Before Travelling to India
Photo by Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash

Bargaining is a common practice in India.  You need to be able to bargain well to get the best price for services. It is one of the ways that you can be economical when visiting this country, as services might seem expensive. It is also recommended that you learn how to bargain in different languages, as bargaining can be a part of your everyday shopping experience in India.

6. Purchase a SIM Card for Your Smartphone

Doing this will ensure you can communicate with other people visiting the country. The best way to communicate here is to purchase a new SIM card compatible with your smartphone. This can be very useful for those visiting India for business as it will help you communicate effectively.

7. Avoid Attempting to Cover Too Much Ground

India is a huge country with many different areas.  It can be overwhelming to cover so much ground when you are on a short visit. You should choose a few places of interest and visit them during your stay to get the best experience. You should focus on one state and travel to other areas when you return later in your visit.

8. Keep Travel Insurance in Mind

10 Things Visitors Should Be Aware Of Before Travelling to India

Purchasing travel insurance for your travel to India is important to help you quickly deal with medical emergencies. Being in a foreign country and landing in a medical situation can be quite scary. Travel insurance will help you deal with travel vicissitudes.

9. Don’t Count on Things to Happen Quickly

Everything moves slowly in India, and you need to be patient when dealing with people. Figuring out public transport can also be a challenge. So carry yourself in a relaxed manner and take the journey at your own pace.

10. Keep a Close Eye on Your Change

It is always advisable to count your change before heading off and ensure you do not leave any money behind. Many Indians will try to short you from change, and you must be aware of this happening.

With the many cultural and economic changes that are due to occur in India, it is important that you must be prepared for these changes before you visit India. Be sure to research and find out about Indian culture so that you can be a respectful visitor there. The indigo online booking platform provides a fast, reliable, and convenient way to book your flight or hotel reservation for your travel to India.  With the help of our experts, you save time and money.

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