The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably paralyzed many sectors, including tourism. As one of the gateways for foreign tourists, Bali also had an impact. But fortunately, now the entrance to the Island of the Gods has reopened.

Moreover, many flights can go directly to Bali. The convenience of traveling to Bali from China and other countries makes Bali ready to come back as lively as it was before the pandemic.

Newest Entry Requirements to Bali

Even though the entrance has been opened, there are still rules that must be observed to keep all parties safe and healthy. Some of these rules include the following:

Prepare Identity, Passport and Visa

Of course, traveling to any place is mandatory to carry your identity, including when visiting Bali. To make it easier when checking or other needs, all these files can be stored in one place that can be easily found.

If staying overnight, then the original identity can be left alone at the place of stay. While the identity that is brought can only be a photocopy. This is intended to anticipate if something unwanted happens, such as a bag being lost while on a trip.


The latest regulations regarding vaccines in Bali refer to the COVID-19 Task Force No. 24 of 2022 and the Letter of the Ministry of Transportation No. 82 of 2022. In the regulation, tourists with vaccines 1, 2 and 3 (booster) no longer need to include an RT-PCR or rapid antigen test. This rule also applies to tourists aged 6 -17 years, even though they have only received up to dose 2 of the vaccine.

The looser regulations are aimed at children under the age of 6 years. Travelers in this age range do not have to provide proof of covid vaccination and are still allowed to fly. They also don’t need to do an antigen test or PCR. However, these minors must be accompanied by a parent or companion who has met the vaccination requirements. 

Other allowances are also given to those with comorbid or other medical reasons. As long as they include a certificate from a government hospital doctor, tourists with these special conditions can still enter Bali even though they have not been vaccinated.


Currently, foreign tourists do not need quarantine to come to Indonesia. After arriving at Ngurah Rai Airport or from Tanjung Benoa Harbor, foreign tourists can immediately explore Bali. But of course, to be able to shop and transact, they must use Indonesian Bali currency. Even if they don’t have enough money in rupiah, many official money changers can be used.

Visiting Indonesia, especially Bali, is very easy. This convenience is supported by the government, which wants to welcome tourists, especially to Bali.

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