When shopping for the best credit card, you must consider what is essential for you. Every traveler will want a card that can help make traveling easier. The United Explorer Card is a great credit card for any United Airlines fan or traveling fanatic. 

With a bevy of rewards available to you, it is almost like United is paying you to use their card. 

What Does a United Explorer Card include?

United pays around $463+ in savings for every cardholder each year, excluding the savings on flights, discounts, and bonus miles.

Let’s break down this number by looking at the top five perks aside from the miles. 

Every United Explorer cardholder gets their first checked bag for free and one for a companion booked on their card per flight. Since the first checked bag fee is $35 with United, this cost would be up to $140 a flight. As a cardholder, United saves you this money by giving you this service for free, making it as though they pay for it instead. 

As a cardholder, you will also receive two United Club one-time passes. These passes usually cost $59. This exclusive perk is available for free two times, allowing you a place to rest if you have a long layover or access to some of United’s best professionals to help you with any travel problems.

Priority boarding is another free perk included in the membership. This perk allows you to get situated on the flight before other passengers and ample time to find suitable space for your carry-on. Usually, this service costs $15 a flight. If you take about four flights per year, that would equal the $60 that your United Explorer Card membership has saved you. 

United Explorer Cardholders can receive up to a $100 credit of reimbursement from Global Entry or TSA PreCheck Application Fees every four years. Per year, this credit would break down to $25. 

But the savings do not stop at the airport. United issues a $10 credit to United Explorer cardholders every month to use on GoPuff purchases. Upload your Explorer card as the default payment method attached to your GoPuff account to be eligible for this credit. 

How to Qualify for United Annual Rewards

To qualify for all these and more great rewards from United, you must meet a few requirements. Most importantly, first, you will need a United Explorer Card.

To get a United Explorer Card, you will need a credit score in the good to excellent range. A FICO score or VantageScore of 670 to 700 will likely do the trick. 

There is an annual fee of $95. For your first year, the price is waived, making the savings even more abundant. This annual cost is small compared to the amount of money it can save you just for checking your bag on one round trip flight. It almost seems like United is paying you to fly with them. Start using a United Explorer Card today to start raking in all those remarkable savings.