As we know, China wants “reunification” with Taiwan, which can be done in two possible ways, i.e. non-military or military means. By non-military means, China can perform acts like putting economic restrictions, forcing other countries to not-to-trade with Taiwan, etc.

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Yet, in terms of military means, China’s military would bantam those of Taiwan. 

China is one of the highest money-investing countries in defense. Chinese armed forces have powerful destruction capabilities; after the United States, China is the country that spends the highest money on the army. Chinese forces have naval missile technology, aircraft and cyber experts; with them, China can do multiple types of attacks simultaneously on a vast scale.

However, a large chunk of China’s military forces is focused elsewhere, but overall, there is a vast difference between China’s and Taiwan’s military forces.

Some western experts suggest that, in the case of open and forceful conflict, the best Taiwan can do is to slow down Chinese attacks to some extent, try to prevent the landing of Chinese forces on their land, and do their best to sustain till outside help comes.

Possibly, the United States could help Taiwan against China, as the US is the one who sells weapons to Taiwan.

As of now, it has been observed that Washington’s policy of strategic ambiguity is deliberately unclear about whether they will defend Taiwan or not from Chinese attack.

So now, the situation is a little unclear about whether China will attack Taiwan or not and in case of an attack, how will Taiwan survive?

Currently, the US is playing diplomatically and having formal ties with China instead of Taiwan. The US recognises China as one government in Beijing and sticks to One-China Policy.

However, in May 2022, Joe Biden, President of the United States, appeared to harden Washington’s position and asked him whether the US would help defend Taiwan. He replied, “Yes”.

Although Whitehouse confirms that Washington has not yet changed its position.

Are Taiwanese people worried?

Despite generations of peer pressure in Taiwan and China, research shows that individuals are generally untroubled.

Last year, in October, the General Assessment Established for Taiwan found that 64.3 % of people didn’t didn’t feel that they would be any war with China.

Other research shows that Taiwanese people, known as Taiwanese, possess a unique identity.

Since the early 1990s, a survey conducted by National Chengchi University suggests that people who identify as Chinese or Taiwanese have agreed to consider themselves Taiwanese.

These surveys suggest unity amongst genuine citizens, but a power game is happening among these countries.

Importance of Taiwan for the rest of the World?

The economy of Taiwan is vital for the rest of the World. They manufacture a large chunk of the World’s standard electronic equipment, including products like watches, from phones to laptops.

Taiwan is a manufacturer of computer chips for game consoles. Taiwan Semiconductor Company (TSMC) possesses more than half the market of the entire World.

In the case of Chinese control over Taiwan, it could provide power to Beijing, one of the World’s most influential leaders.

At last

Now you must understand how important Taiwan is to the rest of the World and what is the state of Taiwan’s

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