The UK’s half-baked Covid travel quarantine scheme will not work

A fundamental step in handling an outbreak of an infectious disease is to locate where it originated and prevent any more cases of the disease coming into your community or country. If you can cut off the source, you can devote your resources and efforts to suppressing its spread, and coping with the health and social problems it has created. The approach of imposing isolation on arrivals, known as quarantine, is centuries old. At a time when an understanding of the nature of infectious diseases was virtually nonexistent, it was one of the few control methods that worked. In times of plague and pestilence, cities and states often applied it with enormous rigour.

a man standing next to a bag of luggage: Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA

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Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA

a man standing next to a suitcase: Passengers arriving at Heathrow Airport. ‘Determining who will be subject to self-isolation and who will be subject to mandatory quarantine will probably be a valueless task.’

© Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA
Passengers arriving at Heathrow Airport. ‘Determining who will be subject to self-isolation and who will be subject to mandatory quarantine will probably be a valueless

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RV makers cater designs to ‘work from anywhere’ demand amid pandemic | Travel

Dean Corrigal of Leisure Travel Vans told Business Insider that between 30% and 40% of emails his company has received come from customers inquiring specifically about the vans’ mobile office capabilities. “It’s a huge amount of first-time buyers sending request emails to us … people that want to work from their RVs are right behind that,” Corrigal said. “I think it’s a huge growing segment, and the longer this COVID-19 thing lasts, the more the RV industry is going to go forward and push in sales.”

Several other RV manufacturers whose products were not previously optimized for the so-called “digital nomad” segment are now altering their new designs or updating previous builds to accommodate remote work. Motorhome maker Winnebago told Business Insider that this means incorporating features such as improved soundproofing, quieter power systems and ergonomic seating.

“Work from home is now one of the big boxes that product development

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RV makers are rushing to cater to the new ‘work from anywhere’ crowd as the pandemic continues to force people to rethink their lives

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Blacksford’s van.
  • The pandemic and the subsequent rise in remote workers has encouraged many Americans to take up the “digital nomad” or “work from anywhere” lifestyle.

  • Many camper van, RV, and travel trailer makers have noticed the rising popularity of this community and are tapping into the potential client base by adding updates on existing builds or creating new floor plans.

  • Companies like Bowlus Road Chief and Leisure Travel Vans already have remote work-friendly builds, but will continue adding updates as needed.

  • Road travel makers Winnebago and Airstream are taking a different approach by creating completely new designs, some of which will be unveiled soon.

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Many RV, camper van, and travel trailer makers have started catering their road travel builds to accommodate the rising popularity of digital nomads and “work from anywhere” crowd amid the pandemic.

A study by MBO Partners

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Viva Las remote office? Allegiant Air to pitch ‘work from Vegas’ travel packages to boost bookings

No-frills Allegiant Air unapologetically caters to vacationers, but the crushing coronavirus pandemic has it scouting a new type of traveler, too.

The Las Vegas-based airline in late August plans to start peddling work-from-Las Vegas travel packages, including nonstop airline tickets and a hotel room. The pitch: Fly, stay, work and play.

“We’re working with a top Las Vegas casino resort operator to capture opportunities presented by the rise in remote working,” Scott DeAngelo, the airline’s chief marketing officer, teased on the airline’s earnings call Wednesday. “The business traveler paying on the corporate card is now giving way to the individual travelers paying their own way to work remote,  but away from home.”

The targets: professionals in larger cities Allegiant serves, including Oakland, California; Cincinnati; Indianapolis; Rockford, Illinois, outside Chicago; and even close-by Phoenix, DeAngelo said in an interview with USA TODAY.

Allegiant is hoping you'll hop a plane for a new remote-work experience.
Allegiant is hoping you’ll hop a plane for a
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