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Recording light: the Power of Photography

Photography does not only capture an image; it communicates and tells a story of the past, of memories that won’t come back. As the saying goes, pictures speak a thousand words. One photo is enough to convey a message, make a change, advocate, and transform the viewer’s perspective.

With the advancement of technology, photography has improved. The image has become more vivid and radiant-looking. If one desires to become a photographer, acquiring the right equipment is a must, as this will affect the quality of the image. But having the types of equipment in photography doesn’t make you a photographer. One must have the vision to capture the images that can lift the viewer’s spirit.

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Planning a Georgia Mountain Weekend Getaway to Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa

Accommodations at Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa

The resort has three types of accommodations: the main lodge, cottages, and the Spa Suite. The lodge has 102 guest rooms, many with balconies, gas fireplaces, or panoramic mountain and golf course views.

Google rates the lodge as a 3-star hotel, which could be technically correct per standards, but it’s quite possibly the nicest three-star property we’ve seen. The property isn’t a state park, but it is state-owned, so they aimed for an accessible price point and had ‘value engineering’ restrictions keeping them from entering the high-end luxury market. Long story short, you get a lot for your money at Brasstown Valley Resort, in a location that can’t be beat.

If you’re looking for the next level up in accommodations, there are five one-bedroom suites in the lodge and eight private cabins located in the woods. The cabins come with their own kitchen,

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AC Hotel By Marriott Melbourne Southbank

If you’re planning a weeklong vacation with family or friends, you’ll enjoy a myriad and must-see sights and activities in Melbourne, Australia. Make your stay truly worthwhile by booking in one of the best hotels such as the AC Hotel by Marriott Melbourne Southbank.AC Hotel By Marriott Melbourne Southbank

A close look at AC Hotel by Marriott Melbourne Southbank

The AC Hotel by Marriott Melbourne Southbank is situated in one of Melbourne’s most important event, arts, and entertainment districts. The new hotel has 205 meticulously designed guest rooms and suites, as well as specialty cuisine, an infinity pool, and a cocktail lounge with views of the metropolitan skyline. The hotel exhibits the finest level of elegance to guarantee guests have an outstanding stay in Australia’s cultural capital.

The AC Hotel by Marriott Melbourne Southbank is in Melbourne’s inner-city enclave of Southbank, just a few steps from the Central Business District and the South Wharf

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