Hawaii’s Safe Travels Form No Longer Required for Domestic Travelers

Hawaii is eliminating the need for domestic travelers to fill out an online health form prior to arrival, making it a little easier to visit the islands going forward.

As of this week, travelers heading to Hawaii from another U.S. state or territory are no longer required to fill out the State of Hawai’i Travel and Health Form as part of the state’s Safe Travels program, according to Hawaii’s COVID-19 website. Previously, the form would need to be filled out 24 hours before departure in order to receive a QR code through email, which would be used at the airport to verify a passenger’s Safe Travels Hawai’i information.

Hawaii will still allow domestic travelers to visit quarantine-free if they show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative test.

In addition to eliminating the health form, Hawaii also shortened its isolation and quarantine policies this week to be more

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Hawaii’s Gov. Details Effort to Create Vaccine Passport for Travelers to Skip Quarantine


Sick Of Your Quarantine Sweats? Here Are 16 Comfy (& Cute) Outfit Ideas For Spring

After a year-plus of wearing masks, social distancing, and spending most of our time indoors, we’ve pretty much solidified our quarantine dressing style. But now that quarantine is coming to a hopeful end with vaccines more widely available and warmer weather just around the corner, where does our style go from here? Do we return to renting designer dresses as we prepare for a return to the office? Are we parting ways with the matching sweatsuits we’ve been living in 24/7?To answer these questions, and get a better sense of how women are actually dressing right now, we teamed up with LOFT and Lou & Grey to see how six women — with totally different styles — have adapted their style to their new routines, and are gearing up for the spring season ahead.

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Kokua Line: Hawaii’s pre-travel testing regimen fulfills 2 goals at once for international travelers

Question: My daughter is studying abroad. Assuming that she can get home as scheduled, does she follow the new U.S. international testing rule or Hawaii’s rule? Are they the same?

Answer: To return to Honolulu from an international destination, your daughter should follow Hawaii’s pre-travel COVID- 19 testing regimen, which, assuming she receives a negative test result, would allow her to board the plane and avoid Oahu’s 10-day quarantine upon arrival.

The new federal pre-travel testing requirements for international airline passengers arriving anywhere in the United States are not exactly the same as Hawaii’s rules. For example, the federal rule allows the passenger to have a nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) or an antigen test, while Hawaii does not accept the antigen test. Hawaii accepts only the NAAT, and then only from a designated Trusted Testing and Travel Partner.

The federal rule prevents international passengers (including returning Americans) from

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