Hawaii vacation rentals outrunning standard hotels

With more tourists arriving in Hawaii ever since the state changed travel rules back on October 15, the Hawaii Tourism Authority has been tracking where these holiday makers are staying. So far and up until last month, more of them are opting to stay at vacation rentals versus a standard hotel.

More tourists to the Aloha State are spending their holiday time in Hawaii vacation rentals versus hotels – almost twice as much. Last month, the average occupancy of vacation rentals was 40.5 percent while hotel occupancy came in at 23.8 percent.

Unlike standard hotels, condominium hotels, timeshare resorts, and vacation rental units are not necessarily available year-round or each day of the month and often accommodate a larger number of guests than traditional hotel rooms.

In December 2020, the total monthly supply of statewide vacation rentals was 621,100 unit nights (-25.4%) and monthly demand was 251,300 unit nights (-59.9%).

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Column: A needlessly ruined Hawaii vacation, thanks to state’s rules

The government of Hawaii has just cost my wife and I a highly anticipated vacation, a celebration of my birthday there, two long travel days and several thousand dollars in plane fares — plus a level of extreme aggravation that will last a long, long time and cause us to reconsider any future Hawaii vacation plans.

We have traveled all the way from Michigan two to three times most years since purchasing timeshares there 15 years ago. We love Hawaii and would rather vacation there than almost anywhere else. But when Gov. David Ige imposed a quarantine on visitors (and returning residents), it forced us to postpone plans and cancel booked flights and reservations several times, while it remained in place for weeks that turned into months.

Who would spend time and money to travel to Hawaii only to be locked in a room? Not us. Probably not anyone. So

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Vacations Hawaii optimistic about summer travel

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Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada, Monday, Feb. 1, 2021

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii’s most popular travel destination, Las Vegas, is looking to bounce back in the months ahead. Vacations Hawaii is optimistic Hawaii residents will be ready to travel again.

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Vacations Hawaii had planned to resume their charter flights to Vegas back in December. But the demand just wasn’t there to fill up the planes on a regular basis.

“We just didn’t have enough people comfortable and ready to book to send 767 aircrafts, 218-passenger planes to Vegas,” said Kevin Kaneshiro, Vacations Hawaii Sales and Promotions Manager.

The company is now starting to book charter flights beginning on June 1. The plan is to have three flights a week with departures on Sundays, Tuesdays, and

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Aloha, aliens? Glowing blue UFO spotted in Hawaii sky

2020 went out with a weird vibe in Hawaii.

Last week, on Dec. 29 at roughly 8:30 p.m, eyewitnesses on the Hawaiian island of Oahu spotted a UFO in the night sky, prompting several 911 calls, Travel + Leisure recently reported.

The UFO had a glowing blue color and an oblong shape, witnesses said. As reported by Hawaii News Now, the UFO, which was caught on video, was described by one onlooker as “larger than a telephone pole.” It sailed across the sky for several miles before crashing into the ocean, witnesses said.

Honolulu police reported the UFO sightings to the Federal Aviation Administration.

“Law enforcement contacted the Federal Aviation Administration the night of Tuesday, Dec. 29, about a witness report of a possible plane down in that area,” FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor told USA TODAY. “We followed up on the report but had no aircraft disappear off radars,

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