Spring break travel making a comeback despite high gas prices


SAN DIEGO — San Diego County is inching closer to hitting an average of $6 for a gallon of gas, but a AAA spokesperson says that won’t stop many spring breakers from hitting the road.

FOX 5 spoke with Southern California Auto Club Spokesman Doug Shupe Monday.

“And really what that speaks to is the pent-up demand to get out there and do normal things again,” Shupe said. “Even with the higher gas prices, we’re anticipating that many people will be taking road trips, not just for spring break but also throughout the summer.” 

Which ask means more tourists will be heading for San Diego as it’s a top destination. 

“We got on spring break today but basically finish finals next, so we just come down on Friday and San Diego is pretty close to us,” one tourist told FOX 5. “We’re from the Bay Area. It’s cheaper than flying to Hawaii, right?”

Flying is another method of travel also making a comeback this spring break. San Diego International Airport reported Sunday was the third-highest number of passengers since March 2020. 

Shupe said travel bookings to Mexico, Florida and Hawaii are up some 200% since last year, and 10% more than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“More and more destinations are loosening restrictions,” he said. “Hawaii, for example, this coming weekend is essentially ending all of its travel restrictions to the islands, and that is just fueling people’s desire to get out there and take those trips again.” 


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