Professionals Pursue Career Excellence Throughout Pandemic to Get Certified

BySteven I. Green

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The past two years have proven difficult for many hospitality professionals, where the future of the hospitality industry at large along with countless individual careers experienced unpredictable, challenging and often unfavorable circumstances. Throughout this time, 50 individuals persevered to make a valuable investment in themselves, their skillsets and careers by achieving a professional designation through HFTP, and we are proud to recognize these professionals for their hard work and pursuit of excellence.

Through the HFTP Academy, HFTP offers two globally-recognized professional certifications: the Certified Hospitality Accountant Executive (CHAE) and the Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP). These are the only designations that currently exist for finance and technology professionals who are working in the hospitality industry. A professional certification is a measurable indicator of knowledge and training in a specific field. Active certificants have reported higher salaries and various career advancement opportunities.

While we celebrate the following hospitality professionals who earned their CHAE or CHTP in 2020-2021, be sure to check out this blog post from 2020 written by an HFTP young professional. In this article, Andrew Buwalda, CHAE shared the motivations behind pursuing his CHAE certification, important insights into the certification process, and tips on how you can succeed in your own certification journey.

Congratulations, designees!

  • Nichole Adams, CHAE (2020)
  • Adeel Ajani, CHAE (2020)
  • Adam Beloney, CHAE (2020) * CHAE of the Year Recipient
  • David Benjamin, CHTP (2020)
  • Muhammad Shaheen Bhuin, CHAE (2020)
  • Dennis Blair, CHTP (2020) * CHTP of the Year Recipient
  • Bernadette Ceant, CHAE (2020)
  • Jiyoun (Jess) Fanelle, CHAE (2020)
  • Richard Frychel, CHTP (2020)
  • Putra Gede Gunawan, CHAE (2020)
  • Senthil Kumar Halan, CHAE (2020)
  • Zack Hertel, CHAE (2020)
  • Muhammad Saleem Khan, CHAE (2020)
  • Christopher LaCivita, CHAE (2020)
  • Pascale LeBrasseur, CHAE (2020)
  • Matt Lieberman, CHAE (2020)
  • Danny Lopez, CHTP (2020)
  • Eric Nolleau, CHAE (2020)
  • Joel Novelliere, CHAE (2020)
  • Irna Pabis, CHAE (2020)
  • Katie Paolino, CHAE (2020) * CHAE of the Year Recipient
  • Kaustubh Parab, CHAE (2020)
  • Ireshan Eranga Perera, CHAE (2020)
  • Jennifer Rodriguez, CHAE (2020)
  • Capucine Saunders, CHAE (2020)
  • Justin Taillon, CHTP (2020)
  • Liliana Trejo, CHAE (2020)
  • Tyler Wilson, CHAE (2020)
    Jason Carson, CHAE (2021)
  • Michael White, CHAE (2021)
  • Marko Vuksanovic, CHAE (2021)
  • Nadeem Iqbal, CHAE (2021)
  • Rohit Garg, CHAE (2021)
  • Mirela Del Gatto, CHAE (2021)
  • Justin Grigull, CHAE (2021)
  • Karen Tongberg, CHAE (2021)
  • Petre Trpkovski, CHAE (2021)
  • Krissy Mallory, CHAE (2021)
  • Arthur Evans, CHAE (2021)
  • Crystal Rogers, CHAE (2021)
  • Debbie Woodson, CHAE (2021)
  • Mercedes Breitfeldt, CHAE (2021)
  • Thomas Lyon, CHAE (2021)
  • Linden Pohland, CHAE (2021)
  • Krishanthi A. Dona, CHAE (2021)
  • Brandi Enzwiler, CHAE (2021)
  • Saurav Arora, CHAE (2021)
  • Barbara Healy, CHAE (2021)
  • Mamun Chowdhury, CHAE (2021)
  • Katherine Carroll, CHAE (2021)

To learn more about the certifications and professional certificate programs offered through the HFTP Academy, visit the HFTP website or email Robin Bogdon, HFTP certification manager at [email protected] today.


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