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This collection from Modieus is as much about design, as it is about technique and innovation and has been created through expert understanding of how to use different yarns effects and carving techniques. Exploring techniques that do not come as standard in Axminster carpet, the collection introduces a specialist use of hard twist yarn to highlight aspects of the design. This intensity of weaving different yarns and hand carving requires specialist skills.

“It started as exploration of how to represent a luxurious hand tufted look in woven Axminster carpet,” explained Xander Okhuizen, Founder, Modieus. “Our design team took the most beautiful characteristics of handmade rugs and cast the impression of these techniques onto Axminster carpet. The result is mind blowing. We have managed to achieve the impossible – a hand tufted look which takes months or even years to create, in an Axminster carpet that can be made in a fraction of the time and cost.”

carpet by Modieus in Impressions collection inspired by the taste of coffee and chocolate

Image credit: Modieus

“We used three special techniques to transform an Axminster carpet,” said said designer, Leah Manwaring. “Different yarns such as hard twist to give texture and variation to the pile. Hand carving to create shadow lines, highlights, and indents of pattern. And mixing different yarn types to add lustre and shine. Combined these three principals accentuate texture and create a unique look.”

The Impressions Collection has been split into five distinctive design capsules. Modieus designers, Debra Ryan and Leah Manwaring explained the nuances of each.

Impressions made in time — these are designs inspired by mid-century modern influences that have endured. “Here you will find a series of geometric patterns where curved, clean lines contrast against textures that have been stamped, or imprinted. Pure colours inspired by mid-century modern sensibilities are strong navy-charcoal blue, shimmery golds with softly and lightly added tones of blush pink.”

carpet from Modieus Impressions collection in shades of gold and cream

Image credit: Modieus

Impressions made by nature — designs inspired by a pure natural colour palette. “This capsule presents designs in a soft tonal palette of cream and beige, mixed with light earthy browns and yellows. We have taken inspiration from the textures of woollen rugs. Interestingly the word beige is derived from the old French bege meaning undyed wool.”

detail of edge of couch with modieus carpet inspired by natural colours

Image credit: Modieus

Impressions left by taste — this sophisticated coffee-coloured palette, is a tasteful design inspired by evocative taste and colour of a rich earthy coffee bean. “This beige and coffee brown palette takes on a darker hue, as if it has been roasted not unlike coffee beans.”

Impressions left by cultures — these designs are inspired by cultural influences and shifts in time. “This capsule delights in the beauty of an antique kilim rug. Rich, lush colours, aged with a vintage patina. These designs embody a fusion of cultures and styles with geometric and ethnic motifs, and intricate detailing.”

Modieus have put much thought and time in developing this new collection. It is considered and insightful, and has pushed the boundaries by taking a new approach to designing, weaving and finishing Axminster carpets. This, combined with the curated inspiration of each capsule makes it a noteworthy addition to the Modieus portfolio.

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Main image credit: Modieus


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