Leveraging Technology to Drive More Bookings for Your Hotel – stayntouch

Gain Customer Loyalty by Delivering Amazing Stay 

The one advantage that hotels have over OTAs is that they actually deliver the service that travelers are purchasing. Not to state the obvious, but bookings and customer loyalty are ultimately driven by exceptional service and an amazing guest experience. 

Here, technology can also play an outsized role. Channel managers and booking engines allow your guests to choose how they book, but a PMS with flexible asset classes can give them a choice in what they book. Offering day-use or hourly rates allows your hotel to cater to busy remote workers or airport travelers, while extended-stay options can appeal to the short-term rental market.

Deliver a memorable first impression by creating a lobby that’s designed for socializing, dining, and co-working, and give your guests the option to check in however they want: through their smartphone, a guest-facing kiosk, or a friendly associate aided by a tablet. Allowing them to further personalize their stay through targeted mobile upgrade and amenity offers will also not go unnoticed. 

It’s also critical to empower your staff to deliver the best service they can. Leveraging a mobile PMS that can run on a tablet frees your staff to meet guests wherever they are, while robust automation, mobile communication and an intuitive user interface ensure that their interactions with guests are focused and engaging. Instant mobile room updates can inform the front desk whenever new rooms are ready, and will help prevent your housekeeping teams from mistakenly disturbing an occupied room. Finally, leave your guests with a memorable last impression by offering monetized late-check out directly through their mobile devices. 

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