The India Venster hike is the most challenging route to the top of Table Mountain. It’s one of the most technical hiking trails in Cape Town. As a reward, you get breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding area including the stunning coastline and the impressive mountain range. Hiking India Venster is the ultimate adventurous thing to do in Cape Town.

Spectacular scenery on the India Venster hike
Lion’s Head and Cape Town from the India Venster trail

India Venster route overview

  • Distance – 3,7 km, one way
  • Required time – 3-4 hours on average, one way
  • Total ascent – 722 m
  • Total descent – 34 m
  • Starting point – Lower Cable Car Station
  • Finishing point – the top of Table Mountain, 700 m away from the Upper Cable Car station.
  • Difficulty – 5 out of 5, the most difficult route to hike up Table Mountain
  • Terrain – gravel, rocks, boulders, chains, and ladders
  • Lowest point – 340 m
  • Highest point – 1026 m

Suggested tours and activities

How long is the India Venster hike?

India Venster is a linear route. The total distance of the hike from the Lower Cable Car Station to the Upper Cable Car station on the top of Table Mountain is 4,3 km (one way). It’s 3,7 km to the top of Table Mountain and another 700 m to the Upper Cable Car station. Depending on your fitness level it can take anything between 2 and 5 hours to complete the trail. On average I’d count on 3-4 hours. 

Where does the trail start?

The India Venster hike starts on the right-hand side (facing Table Mountain) of the Lower Cable Car Station, Tafelberg Road. First, the trail goes up till it crosses the Contour Path trail (the route that goes around Table Mountain), there you’ll see a signpost indicating the India Venster hike. The trail goes under the Cable Car you can use it as an indicator to get an idea. 

The footpath at the beginning of the India Venter hike
The beginning of the India Venster hike from the Lower Cable Car Station

Where does it finish?

The India Venster hike finishes on the top of Table Mountain, 700 m away from the Upper Cable Car Station.

How to get to the trailhead?

Driving is the easiest way of getting to Table Mountain from Cape Town. You can rent a car at the airport on arrival and drop it off on departure. Cape Town hop-on-hop-off city bus connects the city center and the Waterfront with Table Mountain. It stops right in front of the Lower Cable Car Station (the India Venster trailhead). The bus works great if you don’t want to rent a car. It goes to all must-visit places in Cape Town.

A view of the Upper Cable Car Station from the India Venster trail
The Upper Cable Car from the India Venster trail

How difficult is the India Venster hike?

India Venster is the most difficult and dangerous Table Mountain hiking trail. It’s not suitable for young children or people suffering from vertigo. This hike can’t be walked with a dog either. It’s a steep climb up with a total elevation gain of over 700 m. The trail requires some bouldering and climbing. In some parts, you have to go up using metal chains and ladders. A bit like the last part of the Lion’s Head hike but higher and steeper. If you like challenging hikes with breathtaking views the India Venster trail is a must-include in your Cape Town itinerary.

India Venster trail elevation profile
The elevation profile of the India Venster hike

If you’re not in the best physical shape it’s better to choose a different route up Table Mountain. The Platteklip Gorge and the Kasteelspoort hikes on the city side or the Skeleton Gorge hike on the Kirstenbosch side of the mountain. All trails are physically demanding but not as technical as the India Venster.

Alya enjoying the view of the city from the India Venster trail on Table Mounrain
Alya enjoying the stunning view of Cape Town from the India Venster hike

Is the trail well-marked?

Yes, the India Venster hike is marked with yellow footprints painted on rocks. The route marking begins at the intersection with the Contour Path trail. The trail is quite easy to follow we didn’t use or need GPS to find the route.

What is the cost of the hike?

The hike is free you don’t pay any entrance fee or buy permits. If you decide to go down using the cable car you pay ZAR 220/US$13 per person. A guided India Venster hike costs from US$60 per person.

Can you descend Table Mountain on the India Venster route?

Technically it’s possible but I wouldn’t recommend it. The descent on the India Venster trail is far more tricky than the ascent. Most hikers walk up the India Venster and go down with the cable car or follow a different route. The Platteklip Gorge trail will be a good one to take to get down. It’s about 1,5 km away from the India Ventster trail and it’s much easier for going down.

Tafelberg Road and the mountain rang from the trail
Tafelberg Road and Devil’s Peak from the India Venster hike

When is the best time for hiking?

The dry season between November and April is the best time for hiking India Venster. It’s dangerous to do the trail if it’s wet so before doing the hike check the weather forecast. In the peak summer months, between December and February, starting early is essential. The trail is exposed to the sun in the afternoon it gets scorching hot. We walked the India Venster hike in November and started at 8 am it was just early enough.

I wouldn’t recommend starting hiking in the late hours it’s extremely unsafe to walk this trail in the scarce light. Doing the hike on a very windy day is unsafe plus you won’t be able to use the cable car because it doesn’t operate if the wind is too strong.

The trail is open 24 hours, there is no gate or fence limiting access. If you want to use the cable car to get down it operates from 8 am to 7 pm (the last car down). During the peak season from 16th December to 31st January the last car down leaves at 9 pm.

India Venster route map

A route map of the trail to the top of Table Mountain
A map of the India Venster hiking trail

What can you see from the trail?

The scenery from India Venster is spectacular. I’d say for the views along the route, it’s one of our favorite hiking trails in Cape Town. You can see pretty much the entire city. The City Bowl, Lion’s Head, V&A Waterfront, Camps Bay, Robben Island, Twelve Apostles Mountain Range, and Devil’s Peak are just some of the highlights. 

Do I need a guide for hiking?

A guide or a permit is not required for the India Venster hike. It’s a self-guided hike. You can do a guided hike if you want. Doing a guided India Venster hike is a great option if you don’t have a hiking companion or are not a very experienced hiker. Safety is another reason to do a guided hike. It’s not recommended to hike alone in Cape Town.

Cape Town city center and the bay from the India Venster hiking trail
A view of the City Bowl from one of the lookout points on the India Venster hike

India Venster hike description

I would divide the India Venster into 4 parts according to the terrain and difficulty level. 

Part 1. From the Lower Cable Car station to The Contour Path trail, 500 m.

It’s an easy and gradual ascent on a footpath. It gives you a false idea that the hike might be not that challenging in the end. 

Part 2. From the Contour Path to 1,7 km.

It’s a steeper climb over rocks and boulders. An introduction to what’s coming next. There are a couple of breathtaking lookout points in this part. The route marking (yellow footprints) starts at the intersection with the Contour Path. 

Lion's Head mountain with the blue sea on the background
A view of Lion’s Head in the second part of the India Venster hike

Part 3. From 1,7 km to 2,7 km

It’s the toughest part of the India Venster hike with metal chains and ladders and some tricky climbing. In this part, you’re so focused on the trail itself that sometimes forget to look back and enjoy the scenery. Take your time here.

Part 4. From 2,7 km to 3,7 km (the top of Table Mountain).

It’s a rocky footpath on the edge of the narrow cliff with a couple of climbs. The trail goes around Table Mountain away from the Cable Car towards Camps Bay. Here you get some shade. 

Part 5. From 3,7 km to the Upper Cable Car Station.

It’s the easiest part of the hike. A stroll on the top of Table Mountain with stunning views. At the Upper Cable Car station, you can find toilets, restaurants, and a shop. 

Camps Bay and the coast from Table Mountain
The spectacular view of Cape Bay on the last part of the India Venster hike

What to pack for the hike?

  • Carrying enough water is essential. There is nowhere to get water on the trail. I would recommend 2l of water per person. 
  • Comfortable shoes with good grip. India Venster is not a hike for doing in your flip-flops. 
  • A cap is a must-have to protect your head. Heatstroke is the last thing you want to get there.
  • Comfortable sports clothes. I prefer wearing long sleeve tops and long pants for hiking in Cape Town for extra sun protection instead of putting on sunscreen every couple of hours.
  • Make sure your phone works and you will be able to make a call in an emergency case. You can buy an eSIM card for South Africa to stay connected on your trip.

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