Due to friendly relations, Dubai is progressively gaining more and more Indian tourists. In fact, it is the fourth most visited place among Indian tourists. Indian travelers, business persons, and job seekers all visit the city. Renowned for its high-rising architectural miracles and a superb variety of resorts, it is a place that was once a gigantic desert. However, because of the vision & diligence of Sheikh Maktoum, it has evolved into the most developing destination.

It is usually referred to as a zero crime rate city. Fastest-growing tourism destination, city of tall buildings, city of gold and the new land of the rising sun, etc. Here is the perfect Dubai Travel Guide for Indians.

Burj Khalifa and Dubai Sky Line - Dubai Travel Guide
Burj Khalifa and Dubai Sky Line. Image courtesy Shutterstock

Dubai Travel Guide: 5 things to know

Although a massive part of the city’s population is Indians, when traveling to Dubai from India, you should know about some of its rules. Here are five things to know when you’re heading there.

  1. Even though Dubai has a zero-tolerance for drugs, its policy isn’t just stringent against prescribed drugs. However, the government has specific rules with regard to prescription drugs as well. In case you bring in any medicine without a prescription that doesn’t meet Dubai custom guidelines, you could find yourself in trouble.
  2. When compared to other Middle East countries, UAE is a lot more easygoing for non-muslims tourists. Yet, religious customs are still regarded as imperative. Given that, public display of affection (PDA) could get you imprisoned. If you’re a woman, when going out, dress modestly, with nothing too tight, too short, or see-through. Men should keep their chests undercover with a shirt when they are not around beaches or pools etc
  3. The city has plenty of spots where you can take perfect pictures with great views. Having said that, bear in mind, that it is offensive to take pictures of native Arab citizens and certain buildings in Dubai. In fact, most people would consider it rude to have their photographs taken without their approval. So it’s advisable to ask them first.
  4. It has a dry climate all around the year. However, the winter season between October to April is a perfect time to travel to Dubai from India. It’s the time when certain Indian cities experience cold climates. During these months, here, you can spend time outside without sweating your face off.
  5. Swearing, cursing, fighting, or making impolite signs in public places can get you imprisoned. In recent years, we have been observing such incidents where people are getting charged with giving the middle finger during a heated disagreement.

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Dubai Travel Guide – 5 Best Places to visit

The city features a number of skyscrapers and stunning tourist places. Right from the world’s highest building to the stunning shopping malls, it has every little thing for families, couples, or friends. Our Dubai Travel Guide has listed below the five best tourist places that you can visit on your tour.

Burj Khalifa

Without a doubt, Burj Khalifa doesn’t demand any introduction. With a height of 829.7 meters, it could cater to 35000 numbers of people at any given time. It has the world’s highest observation deck on the 148th floor. The high view of the city from the Burj Khalifa lets you see the desert city along with its oceanside with 360 views. Therefore when you’re on a trip to the city, do not miss visiting it.

The best time to visit is early morning or evening. A slot between 3:00 to 6:30 pm for sunset views. The ticket cost varies between 159 AED to 389 AED.

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Dubai Mall

It’s one of the biggest shopping malls in the world. You need a number of days to explore Dubai Mall. With over 1200 outlets, the mall has a variety of fun activities. Like the underwater aquariums, interactive and educational experiences at Kidzania, and an ice rink to entertain people of every age group. Besides these attractions, the mall also has Reel Cinemas where families can view the most up-to-date movies from all over the world. Dubai Mall entry is free.

The Dubai Mall
The Dubai Mall. Image courtesy Shutterstock

Gold Souq

The biggest Gold market on the planet, Gold Souq is another must-visit place. Even if you are not buying anything there. Located in Deira, Gold Souq features over 380 retailers, the majority of whom are jewelry traders. With over 350 jewelry retailers trade at least 10 tons of gold daily. The market has approximately 10-15 tons of gold in the souk. Don’t assume all gold items are the same. Gold comes in various courts and has different purity. The purest form of gold is 24-K and it is delicate and breaks if a human touches it. The gold price in Dubai is significantly less than in India. If Gold appeals to you, plan to purchase.

Dubai Gold Souq
Gold Souq. Image courtesy Shutterstock

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Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is a 7-kilometer-long man-made island. It has a variety of good restaurants, cafes, and shopping retailers. Regarded as one of the most developed areas in Dubai, it’s an ideal spot for lots of people to either go for a walk, shopping, or have water sports adventures. Also features a dedicated beach that extends along a 3 KM long coastline. Entry to this beach is only through the Dubai Marina.

Dubai Museum

Constructed in 1995, the Dubai museum is an underground museum added to the old fort. The museum features an abundance of ancient monuments, diagrams, decades-old documents, tombs, and other relics that provide you with a dazzling picture of the heritage. Tourists coming from all ages and sectors visit the museum. They get to learn and gain an understanding of the social, cultural, and political past of the residents of the UAE. The museum entry fee is 3 AED.

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Dubai Travel Guide – 5 Best Theme Parks to explore

Aquaventure Waterpark

Popularly known as Atlantis park, Aquaventure waterpark hosts 20 plus massive, world’s lengthiest, and most daring slides. In addition to other intriguing water rides. Stretched over 17,000 hectares, you can go through record-breaking rides. And uncover the underwater Aquarium, The Lost Chambers, and watch Dolphin Bay’s star performance. Poseidon tower and Neptune tower are the two main towers in the park.

Splasher an attraction for the Kids at Aquaventure
Splasher, an attraction for the Kids at Aquaventure. Image courtesy Shutterstock

Aquaventure waterpark even offers a private beach where you lounge by and absorb fresh sunlight and have fun playing in the waters.

Wild Wadi park

Yet another famous water theme park in Dubai, Wild Wadi Park is proud of innovative rides for all ages. Providing an exceptional experience for visitors. Built-in 1999, it offers you over 30 odd rides and activities for the entire family to relish.

Popular Wild Wadi Water park
Popular Wild Wadi Water park. Image courtesy Shutterstock

One of the rides here lets you ascend 32 meters and get extensive views of the park. That’s just prior to flying down the 120-meter tandem slide at an extraordinary speed of 80 KM/hour.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

If you don’t wish to spend the day out in the hot sun, head out to this park. IMG Worlds of Adventure is the biggest fully air-conditioned indoor recreational park in the world. It features MARVEL and Cartoon Network slides. Visitors who’re trying to find a spine-tingling thrill should look into the Haunted House at IMG Boulevard. It also offers a kid’s play area – IMG Kids Zone. In addition to a chic cinematic experience – NOVO Cinemas.

Bollywood Park

This park is entirely devoted to Bollywood. As you step in, you will definitely get lost in the mesmerizing display of Indian art that would make you feel like you’re in Mumbai. It has 5 different zones. Where you’ll find anything from Indian food to handicrafts.

Bollywood Park - Dubai Travel Guide
Bollywood Park in Dubai. Image courtesy Shutterstock

Bollywood Boulevard, Rustic Ravine, Bollywood Film Studios, and Mumbai Chowk are among the major sights in Bollywood park.

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Legoland Dubai

Located inside Dubai Parks and Resorts, Legoland consists of over 40 wonderful rides. Family-friendly attractions, and innovative play areas for children. If you’re famished after playtime, it has many restaurants and food stalls that serve scrumptious dishes.

Dubai Visa for Indians

Indians who have a valid USA, UK, Schengen, etc. visa can get a UAE visa on arrival for two weeks. Else, an advanced tourist visa is necessary for Indians. Please note that a visa on arrival can be extended only one time for an additional time period. While a traditional visa can be renewed several times.

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