Smart room technology, such as hotel tablets and mobile apps, help increase the guest experience while keeping guest dollars on-site.

We’ve all heard the old casino saying, “Put your money where your mouth is.” But what if you could put more of your guests’ money back into your property? Smart room technology, such as hotel tablets and branded mobile apps, allow casino owners to do just this, while improving the guest room experience, streamlining back-of-house operations, and ensuring you’re keeping guests’ dollars at your property.

After a long day at the roulette table, a guest looking for a meal doesn’t have to look farther than the comfort of their own hotel room. By using an in-room smart tablet, guests can view the most up-to-date menus and place in-room dining orders with just a tap on their hotel tablets — keeping their dining dollars at your property. This smart room technology also helps streamline back-of-house operations, eliminating time-consuming room service phone calls and allowing employees to update the menu in real-time when an item is no longer available.

Does your property feature entertainment and promotions that change on a regular basis? Keep guests informed and up to date with hotel tablets guest marketing, which can also function as digital compendiums. They can offer access to the property’s amenities and services as well as hotel and casino promotions, retail offerings and more.

Branded mobile apps are another way casino hotels can transform the guest experience, while also streamlining their own operations. Mobile check-in and check-out allow guests to skip the front desk and head straight to their rooms. Keyless entry offered on a mobile app allows customers to access their hotel room without needing a plastic key card.

Once in their room, a branded mobile app lets guests engage with the hotel during — and even after — their stay, providing them with greater convenience and personalization. Similar to in-room hotel tablets, a mobile app offers guests the ability to reserve amenities, access live entertainment schedules, order food and drinks, and request an array of services — from anywhere on the property, including the casino floor. With guest messaging, hotel staff can inform guests of current promotions and serve customized and targeted offers that drive brand loyalty and keep dollars at your property.

While hotel tablets and mobile apps improve the guest room experience, they also help back-of-house operations run more efficiently. Using a back-office dashboard, employees can manage all staff activity, work orders and delivery times on the property — from the front desk to housekeeping to dining. Branded mobile apps and in-room tablets also cut down on the number of phone calls staff receive while also shortening front desk queues, allowing employees to focus on their tasks without interruption.

For more on how smart room technology can drive revenue at your casino while elevating the guest room experience, request a demo.

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