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Ninety per cent of US travellers likely to purchase travel insurance

The survey also found that most Allianz customers plan to travel in the near future with summer trips planned to US, European and Caribbean destinations. Cruise will rebound significantly as almost a fifth of Allianz customers are planning cruises while just one in 10 will take road trips. Covid outbreaks and the impact of inflation are the top concerns of Allianz Travel Insurance customers. The survey results included the opinions of a random sample of more than 2,000 Allianz customers.

Travel insurance continues to be an important consideration for travellers, with 90 per cent of survey respondents reporting they were ‘extremely or somewhat likely’ to purchase trip protection when booking their next trip.

When asked about summer travel concerns, the top two cited by respondents were ‘another Covid spike causing travel issues/delays’ (37 per cent) and ‘testing positive for Covid before or during my trip’ (24 per cent). Other concerns

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Catalonia Punta Cana – a comprehensive review of this all-inclusive resort

Catalonia Punta Cana – or Catalonia Bavaro Beach, both are the same hotels – is an affordable yet very interesting all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, which is perfect for all those looking for a well-balanced vacation in the Dominican Republic between fun, culinary highlights and a modest budget. But what makes Catalonia Bavaro an interesting resort in Punta Cana? Exactly that’s what this extensive Catalonia Punta Cana review is about, where we are showing you the surprises we experienced during our stay, the places you shouldn’t miss and some of the unique characteristics which you won’t find in other all-inclusive hotels in Punta Cana.

If not sure which all-inclusive resort to book, you can continue reading here about how to find the best all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana.
If you are looking for family-friendly hotels in Punta Cana, you can see our hand-picked list of Punta Cana all-inclusive family resorts.

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Buy travel insurance for once in a lifetime vacations

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – With the unknowns of the latest covid variants on summer travel, many experts still recommend getting travel insurance under certain circumstances.

“A lot of travel insurance policies have actually added COVID-specific coverage to many of their policies. And that’s a good thing because typically known problems like pandemics are not covered,” said Sara Rathner. She’s a personal finance expert at NerdWallet. She says that COVID-specific language gives you a little bit of extra protection if COVID is the reason your trip gets canceled or delayed or cut short.

She also says if you are planning a very expensive trip, one of those “once in a lifetime vacations” and you’ve pre-paid for a lot of it, it could be worth looking into travel insurance.

Make sure your travel rewards credit card doesn’t already cover you and comes with trip insurance.

“There’s still lots of flexibility when it

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Solo travel in Vietnam: why new people enhance new experiences

A potential folly of solo travel is there’s nobody to double-check your work, and I experienced this issue at my hostel at 4am, when it transpired I’d booked for the next evening and there was no bed for me. (There are reasons people keen to try solo travel in Vietnam opt for group trips, instead of bumbling around like me looking for places to stay).

Thankfully, the owner was kind enough to let me sleep on what ended up being an incredibly comfortable couch in preparation for the next morning. After a delicious breakfast (hostels throughout Vietnam tend to offer incredible free breakfasts) our group of roughly twenty-five wannabe bikers received a quick run-down of the route. We were then given the option of renting our own semi-automatic bike, or using the ‘easy rider’ service, which meant perching on the back of a hostel worker’s bike while they drove. In

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