Colombia has impressive natural dynamics that will give you plenty to do. Whether you explore the small, colorful villages, hike through the mountains in search of adventure, or enjoy a piña colada on a beautiful beach, it will be a magical experience. 

Such a dynamic and energetic trip is not worth enjoying if you do not find a comfortable accommodation that suits your needs. For this reason, here are  some hotels that will make your experience even better.

 Each of these hotels will offer you a unique and different vibe.

The Click Clack Hotel in Medellín 

This hotel is incredibly modern, with a square in the middle where you can enjoy delicious meals, as there are several restaurants for all tastes. It also offers several accommodation options like XS -economy double, S-standard double, M-superior double, L- junior suite, and XL- suite.

In addition to its beautiful decor, this hotel offers a magnificent view of the mountains of Medellín. It has a terrace bar, a pool and an excellent panoramic view of the city. You can take a dip while enjoying Medellín’s climate, which can range from 24° to 27°; does that sound perfect?

The Click Clack Hotel is located in the heart of the city, so it is very popular with visitors, as it is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city in terms of beauty, places to party and restaurants. So, if you are considering staying in Medellín for a few days, this is a fantastic option to relax.

Sofitel Legend Santa Clara, Cartagena

This hotel is located in the old town of the city. It is a  perfect place to spend your free time after exploring this charming place. This hotel was a monastery and hospital in the past, so its architecture has four centuries of antiquity, giving it a touch of history in every corner.

The rooms are decorated predominantly in white, blending beautifully with the wooden floor. Some rooms overlook the Caribbean Sea, while others overlook the pool, which you can enjoy while having a deliciously refreshing cocktail, as the climate of Cartagena can be between 28° and 30°, so have ready your sunglasses.

Casa Harb, San Andrés Island

A magical place to rest on the island of San Andrés, where you find the sea of seven colors. After having an extremely active day, this exclusive hotel is one of the best on the island. Its design makes it a unique place for visitors, from the wooden floor to the checkered tiles, the marble bathroom, the elegant claw bathtub, and the wicker canopy bed.

Some rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the pool area. Even if you don’t like swimming, you should relax in the deckchair by the pool. The white walls and arches of the hotel meet blue pool tiles and pink bougainvilleas in the pool area, making sitting here breathe the beauty and experience of your own. 

Gitana del Mar, Buritaca

With six cabins located next to the mountain range of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, this place is surrounded by the jungle and close to the beach. This makes it even more desirable to travelers who want to connect with nature and be much closer to that wild and natural part that Santa Marta has to offer. 

In addition, the hotel offers activities such as yoga classes every morning and evening to relax and connect with yourself. There are even  retreats focused on mental health and the body. It’s location, Gitana del Mar, is an excellent choice among other best hotels in Santa Marta if you plan to visit the Lost City. 

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By Rehan

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