15 Places to Visit in Denpasar, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia that attracts most tourists from abroad. The Island of the Gods has succeeded in bringing divers, spiritual seekers, and others to experience the beauty of this island. So, no wonder many tourists come here.

Furthermore, anyone on vacation to Bali for the first time needs recommendations on the best tourist spots that must be visited. So, what to do in Denpasar?

Things to Do When in Denpasar

If you ask, what is the capital of Bali Indonesia? The answer is definitely Denpasar. A city that has a variety of cultures with its beautiful natural charm will be ready to spoil anyone’s eyes. Before you go on vacation to Denpasar, Bali. You need to know what the best tourist attractions are in Bali.

1. Bajra Sandhi Monument

This monument is located in the heart of Denpasar city, where the building highlights the struggles faced by the Balinese people. This building was built in 1987 under the name Bajra Sandhi, and there are 33 dioramas depicting historical stories.

The exterior of this monument is rich in details of Balinese ornaments, which are full of philosophical meanings of Hindu teachings. The name Bajra Sandhi comes from the shape of the building that resembles a Hindu priest’s bell. You can visit this historical monument for those who like history.

2. Dune Atlantis International Bali

Diving is fun, isn’t it? Well, you can do it at Dune Atlantis International Bali. By diving, you will witness the beauty of Indonesia’s underwater world. Moreover, you can learn open water diving lessons here, which will undoubtedly give you a fun diving experience.

3. Sakenan Temple

The majority of Balinese religion is Hindu. That is one of the reasons, you can visit many unique and historic temples when on vacation to Bali, like Sakenan Temple. This temple used to be a place for subak manners asking for God’s service where Sakenan Temple is a place to ask for the welfare of life.

4. Shark Island, Denpasar

Marine tourism by diving into the sea while accompanied by small sharks can make your vacation more memorable. This place is located on Serangan Island, Denpasar, Bali. This tourist location is known as the Bali Shark.

Even though it seems extreme and scary, it really isn’t. Because the type of white-finned shark here is known to be harmless. So, it is still safe to dive in.

5. Sanur Beach

Last but not least, a trip to Bali is incomplete if you don’t visit this beach. Sanur Beach is one of the best beaches that must be visited when in Denpasar. With the calm waves, here you can do watersport activities such as:


Sea Walking

Scuba diving


You can experience the beauty and excitement of Bali tourism when you invite friends or family to spend a vacation here. Then, which tourist attractions are your favorites?

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