Day: May 29, 2022

Recording light: the Power of Photography

Photography does not only capture an image; it communicates and tells a story of the past, of memories that won’t come back. As the saying goes, pictures speak a thousand words. One photo is enough to convey a message, make a change, advocate, and transform the viewer’s perspective.

With the advancement of technology, photography has improved. The image has become more vivid and radiant-looking. If one desires to become a photographer, acquiring the right equipment is a must, as this will affect the quality of the image. But having the types of equipment in photography doesn’t make you a photographer. One must have the vision to capture the images that can lift the viewer’s spirit.

For centuries, humans have tried to leave a mark in the world. Archeologists have discovered different markings in stone, ancient drawings in caves, and paintings that make their memory immortalized in the mind of the … Read More

Pick the Hotel Revenue Management System That Has These Features

Revenue management is the talk of the town in the entire hospitality industry. Accommodation businesses from all around the world are significantly doubling down on it.

Not to mention, even I have been a lot more vocal about this sought-after hospitality phenomenon lately. However, there’s still more to cover.

Today, this blog is going to be all things hotel revenue management systems.

I am not just going to give you an overview, but also help you learn about the features that make it worth it, and how you, a hotelier can pick the right system from the right vendor.

The Current Scenario of Hotel Revenue Management in The Industry

Over the years the hospitality industry has witnessed multiple transformations — the rising need for competitive pricing strategies, penetration of mobile devices, changing traveler preferences, and more.

And all of it directly impacted the revenue management segment in the industry, taking

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Hawaii makes list for 2022’s best summer destinations

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Summer is right around the corner and people are looking to book their 2022 vacations. Hawaii is a very popular spot to book a weeklong vacation but is it the most popular spot in the country?

WalletHub, a free credit score company, recently ranked the best and most popular spots to book a summer vacation for 2022 and Hawaii made the top ten list. 

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Coming in first was Orlando, Florida, followed by Washington, DC, Tampa, Florida, Austin, Texas, Salt Lake City ,Utah, Los Angeles, California then Honolulu Hawaii. 

Despite being in a two-year long pandemic, many Americans feel ready to book and take their vacations this summer. Many people opted to stay home or do popular “staycations” during 2020 and 2021. 

However, with many Americans vaccinated and many people who

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