Day: May 16, 2022

Top Holiday Destinations with Teens

Holiday ideas for single parents travelling with teenagers.

Tale as old as time: The summer holiday season rolls around once more, and the kids are out of school and begging to be taken somewhere cool. Unfortunately for them, since they aren’t officially adults yet, wherever they go, their decidedly uncool mum or dad is going to have to tag along (for, you know, safety and legal reasons), but that doesn’t mean the holiday itself has to be uncool! If you’re a single parent with a teenager, we know you have your hands full. A holiday is meant to be restful and relaxing for you, too, not just a constant blur of “where are the kids?” and craning your neck to make sure that they aren’t talking to any strangers.

We know a lot goes into planning a holiday, especially when you are travelling solo. First, you’ve got to decide on

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Going Abroad This Summer? Confront Travel Challenges with Planning and Preparation | Community

LEXINGTON — Has the COVID-19 pandemic put your international travel plans on hold? Did you have to postpone a dream vacation or a visit to family overseas, whiling away the days until you could travel again? Visitor and tourist restrictions are being eased in many parts of the world and people are planning trips to make up for lost time 

International travel has changed significantly over the past two years, and some significant challenges remain; it’s important to research your destination and plan accordingly. While it’s impossible to prepare for every situation, here are some tips to keep in mind as you plan your summer travels.

Check your destination’s restrictions and regulations.

Each country has its own COVID-19 entry requirements and its own protocols for masking, testing and quarantine. Check the State Department’s travel website for up-to-date information about your destination. 

There may be additional innoculations recommended for travel, such

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Elope In Colorado: 6 Dream Destinations  | 2022

If you’ve been dreaming of a Colorado elopement, we have you covered. 

With lush forests, turquoise green waters, and the massive rocky mountains, it’s no wonder you want to elope in Colorado

PSSST. Your travel medical insurance can now cover COVID-19!

If you grab SafetyWing Nomad Insurance, it’ll be covered just like other illnesses. I’ve been using it since 2019 and I can assure you it’s the perfect solution for nomads like you and me.

Did we mention you can conduct the wedding yourself? Yup, no officiant or witnesses are needed here. 

While this can be an easy and stress-free process, you have to make sure you are following the right directions. Read on for an inclusive guide on how to elope in Colorado. 

eloping couple in wedding dress and suit in the mountains of colorado

Best Places To Elope In Colorado

With its vast resorts, ski lodges, and epic slopes, eloping in Colorado can be great at any time

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Arch RoamRight releases travel insurance guide for 2022

Arch RoamRight releases travel insurance guide for 2022

Arch Insurance Company (Arch Insurance) brand Arch RoamRight has published its 2022 Travel Insurance Playbook, a guide that provides insights into travel insurance trends and what travellers may expect in the industry’s future.

Launched in 2012, Arch RoamRight offers travel insurance policies for leisure, business, student, and group travellers with domestic and international trips.

The latest Travel Insurance Playbook includes predictive travel statistics, including a forecast of what travellers are looking for post-COVID-19 pandemic, as well as top destinations for trips booked in 2022. It also helps travel advisers and tour operators understand travel insurance buyer journeys and personas, including demographics and spending choices.

Read more: Arch Insurance International bolsters professional liability team

Arch RoamRight’s Travel Insurance Playbook includes case studies highlighting common situations in which travel insurance and travel advisers helped save the day. It also features in-depth interviews demonstrating the value, knowledge, and expertise advisers provide

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