Day: April 16, 2021

Which COVID-19 Test Do You Need? Find out the Differences Between Them Before Your Next Trip

As testing for COVID-19 has become a regular part of everyday life, especially when it comes to traveling, making sure you get the correct test is of the utmost importance.

When faced with the need to get a COVID-19 test, it’s important to know that not every test is created equal, with different levels of accuracy as well as the time it takes to get results back. Some countries will only accept RT-PCR tests — considered the most accurate — while others will accept proof in any form of negative test to enter. All viral tests detect a current infection and are most accurate when “the person is tested when viral load is generally highest,” the CDC explains.

Many states and countries mandate travelers get tested before and after a trip, while some places require testing to attend things like sports games or a concert. And while the Centers for

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