Day: January 1, 2021

Letters to the Editor of Barron’s

The nexus of all the beneficiaries will be oil companies (“The New Shape of Travel: How to Play It,” Cover Story, Dec. 24). If airline travel returns to pre-Covid levels, the airlines will return to their pre-Covid levels of buying fuel. Cruise lines don’t run on electricity.

The big question is, will businesses give up Zoom meetings? Office buildings and the lack of commuters and wear-and-tear on cars might be negatives, but kids going back to school and coming home and finding Daddy unshaved and still in his slippers eating all the Snickers in the house might get things back on track.

Terrence Milan, on

To the Editor:

Steve Reynolds, CEO of Tripbam Analytics, is quoted as saying, “Everyone’s just itchy to get back to a conference or to a trade show,” I’m going to need to see some data to support this very sweeping assertion. The

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